Black Widow Film Update

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Since her first appearance in Jon Favreau‘s IRON MAN 2, fans have been wondering just when Scarlett Johansson would get her own film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and, at long last, the BLACK WIDOW standalone film is finally moving forward…slowly. According to Variety, the studio has tapped up-and-coming writer Jac Schaeffer to pen the script for Johansson’s BLACK WIDOW film.

Before you start celebrating, you should know that this project is still in the very early stages and hasn’t yet been greenlit, so who knows what could happen, but with close to two dozen MCU films in Marvel’s future, you’ve got to believe that one of them will be the long-awaited BLACK WIDOW film. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige met with several potential writers before selecting Jac Schaeffer, and executives also met with Scarlett Johansson herself to get her input on what she wanted from a BLACK WIDOW writer. Jac Schaeffer’s script for THE SHOWER, a comedy about an alien invasion during a baby shower, landed on the 2014 Black List and caught the attention of Anne Hathaway, who was so impressed that in addition to attaching herself to star in THE SHOWER, she also set Schaeffer up to pen a female-centric take on DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, which Hathaway will also star in.


The Tick Return Update

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The Tick Returns in Midseason Trailer for Amazon Series

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This show will never surpass the superior zany animated product that preceded it but it is still quite watchable and I look forward to its return.  REC 

Like the Tick, the Terror won’t be on his own, as he will stand with allies like Miss Lint and… a pig…?

The trailer is jam packed with explosions, but the Tick manages to withstand them all; he even takes on the Terror’s gigantic, T-shaped ship with just his bare hands. He also reenacts a classic scene involving a spoon from the cartoon series.

The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick, Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest, Valorie Curry as Dot Everest, Brendan Hines as Superian, Jackie Earle Haley as The Terror and Yara Martinez as Ms. Lint. The show will return from its hiatus on February 23.

ABC Marvel Shows Update

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ABC Isn’t Ordering Any Marvel Pilots This Season

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ABC Isn’t Ordering Any Marvel Pilots This Season

After facing struggles with building prudences for both Inhumans and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC will not order any additional Marvel pilots for this season.

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey spoke about Marvel’s future on ABC during her portion of the network’s panel at the TCA executive session yesterday, and while she’s cautiously optimistic regarding S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s future on the network, other ventures appear to be dead in the water — for now, at least. According to Deadline, while Dungey didn’t outright say as much, Inhumans is unsurprisingly not expected to return for a second season. The show, which faced criticism from both critics and fans, struggled to take off from the get-go, proving to be a failure for both ABC and IMAX.

“It didn’t perform for us at the level that we would have wanted,” Dungey said. “We haven’t made any official decisions yet but I will say the numbers were less exciting for us as we hoped they would be.”

Things look a bit better, though, for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Dungey went on to praise the current season. Showrunners Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon are set to go before Dungey and company soon to pitch a possible sixth season. While nothing is set in stone, chances of the show returning are looking good, and the sixth season pitch will play a part in the ultimate decision.

As for other Marvel projects, ABC has had a long list on its slate, including a still-unnamed John Ridley series and a Jessica Jones-eque show. However, none of those appear to be moving forward at the moment, and the network is going to “carefully” consider any future projects.

“We developed a couple things this season that we don’t think are going to end up going forward, so we’re going to look really carefully about what we do next,” Dungey said.

Airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. stars Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Henry Simmons, Ian De Caestecker, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, Elizabeth Henstridge, Nick Blood, Jeff Ward, Eve Harlow, Pruitt Taylor Vince and Coy Stewart




Directed by Clark Gregg, episode six might be the best episode offered so far this stellar season. Action, drama, and the rekindling of hope informed this ep. A tremendous shift in the show dynamic occurred in one fell swoop as well. Overall, this run was breath-taking-ly good. My review follows below.

Leo Fitz is now a badass. Ian DeCaestecker sells it as he attempts to ingratiate himself as a marauding bidder attempting to buy ‘the Destroyer of Worlds”, and long time friend, Daisy Johnson/Quake (Chloe Bennett). Enoch (Joel Stoffer) is quickly becoming one of my favorites this season as his seemingly emotionless veneer is now supplanted by a more open and funny demeanor. He creates a rather bloody history for Fitz and establishes his cool cover as a ruthless criminal. Fitz plays his part well, gamely insulting one of Kasius’ (Dominic Rains) more offensive guests while presenting the due.

A brief reunion with Jemma (Elisabeth Hentsridge) had due resonance as Fitz, unaware of her enforced ‘disablity’ via Kasius’ tech inhibiting any sound except his own voice, professes his feeling for her and throws in a proposal for good measure. With the return of Fitz, a feeling of hope and harmony is restored…not to mention further plot traction.

Humor remains at the show’s core including the later playful banter that has defined the Fitz/Simmons dynamic since day one:

Leo Fitz: I’m never leaving you again.
Jemma Simmons: Then marry me, Fitz.
Leo Fitz: Absolutely.
Leo Fitz: Also, um, just to say, I did propose earlier when Kasius had your hearing turned off.
Jemma Simmons: Of course you did.

The lighthouse is a very bleak reality. The notion of harvesting children and forcing them into “Terrigenesis” with a future as possible fighting slaves can’t get much more bleak. While as viewers of this show we know the team will encounter many harsh obstacles, the notion of their being so far from home in such an inhospitable environment, separated from both each other and their resources could become old fast.

This is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. however and if the past few seasons have proven anything, it is that this team is exceedingly resourceful whether one on one or as a group.  May (Ming-Na Wen) now badly injured still manages to make a fight out of it with current Inhuman ally Ben (Myko Olivier). Her survival comes at a cost which segues into one of the central premises of this episode. This was actually an inordinately carnage laden run. Three characters who seemed poised for lengthy arcs were unexpectedly eliminated while another was introduced. This was kind of refreshing as we learn that the show that has been around for half a decade can still surprise us and take us in  unexpected directions.

Fitz’ cleverly manipulating Kasius into giving Jemma some freedom as well as suggesting a seemingly less merciful fate for May furthers plot traction and allows for some holy eff moments including a terrific battle between Sinara (Florence Faivre) and Daisy. The potential gaining of an ally from a formidable enemy is offered as Kasius betrays his right hand/lover while simultaneously giving her an astounding non-confidence “at least put on a good show before you die” pep talk. The fight between the women played as well as any of May’s classic battle sequences and showcased that this show is not purely visuals. The demonstration of Daisy’s “Quake” abilities however were presented as a less is more and worked beautifully.

Yoyo/Elena’s (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) moments with the latest Inhuman asset allowed her to demonstrate the empathy that informs her character. The moments between she and Mac (Henry Simmons) as always are duly earnest. Her encouraging Flint (Coy Stewart) by sharing her own backstory ignites a hope long thought to be missing in this new reality.

The notion of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat was at the heart of this episode and Daisy’s literally rising to the occasion to categorically eliminate the aristocracy holding her and her friends hostage was superior. Kasius’ machinations and motivations were duly mined. The introduction of his equally hateful brother, Faulnak (Samuel Roukin), bodes ill for the team but should make form some great viewing .

This ep was easily one of the best this season and sets the stage for expectations for the remaining chapters to be written. If this is to be the show’s swan song, it will be a defining melody. The promise of ‘getting the band together’ caps things off with the assurance that AOS remains simply outstanding and well worth your time.



Lindsay Lohan Wants To Play Batgirl For Joss Whedon

Former child actress Lindsay Lohan has thrown her name in the ballot to play Batgirl in the Joss Whedon directed solo film. Lohan has been a center of controversy over the years and this is probably just a way for her to dig her way back into the limelight. The actress may be a bit too old to play Batgirl for Whedon, she joins the ranks of other actresses that want the role. You can check out her tweet below.

Lohan as Batgirl is super unlikely to happen and Whedon has previously stated that he’s looking for an unknown actress to play the title role. At the premiere for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Joss Whedon spoke a bit about his upcoming Batgirl film. When asked about ideas for casting the roll, Whedon revealed he’ll likely be going for an unknown.

What I’m looking for in a Batgirl is probably somebody new, somebody who is willing to go the distance. It is going to be hard. I want somebody who’s going to get in the trenches with me.”

Looks like Whedon really wants to dive in deep with this character and put everything he’s got into this film. And in regards to fans trying to campaign their favorite red-headed actresses, Whedon doesn’t care much about what the actress looks like.

“I know what she looks like in the comic books. We’ll deviate if the right person is different. We haven’t even begun the conversation, but it’s about the spirit she exudes, not exactly what she looks like.”

If nothing has changed, Joss Whedon should begin working on Batgirl this year. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for more updates on Joss Whedon’s Batgirl movie.


FX’s Legion Season 2 Will Premiere in April

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Fans will have to wait a little longer to learn the fate of David Haller, as FX’s Legion won’t return for its 10-episode second season until April.

That’s about two months later than expected, considering the first season of the critically acclaimed drama debuted Feb. 8, 2017. No specific date has been announced.

Developed by Noah Hawley (Fargo), the series is based on the Marvel Comics character David Haller, the mentally ill — and immensely powerful — son of X-Men founder Charles Xavier. Legion stars Dan Stevens as David, who was diagnosed at an early age with schizophrenia and spent much of his life in and out of mental institutions. However, as the first season unfolded he learned that he isn’t mentally ill but had instead been possessed since childhood by Amahl Farouk, the psychic parasite known as the Shadow King.

In the season finale, the Shadow King was freed from David’s body and unleashed into the world, and David teleported into a mysterious mechanical orb and taken away.

During the Legion presentation today at Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Hawley revealed Season 2 will pick up about a year after the events of the finale, with David trying to figure out what’s occurred during that time.

“If the first year was the story of an insane man in a sane world, then I was interested in looking at David now being the sane man in an insane world,” he said. “We’ve established he doesn’t have schizophrenia and he has these abilities. There is this time jump, for him to come back and suddenly the world is a very different place. I was interested this year in looking at a mass psychology. Mental illness can also be cultural in a way so those issues were interesting to me. We’re also exploring with Dan, he’s on a journey here in which in the language of this world, you have heroes and villains. It’s not determined yet where he’s going to end up.”

(via TVLine, Slashfilm)

Well Dammit…

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American Gods Season 2 Won’t Include Gillian Anderson

Well…she was one of the better aspects of the show’s first season…..hopefully the show runners (new) have a good back up plan. REC

Starz’s American Gods season 2 is not going to include Gillan Anderson. This news arrives on the heels of Anderson’s announcement that The X-Files season 11 will be her last.

Based on the 2001 novel by comics and fantasy legend Neil Gaiman, American Gods tells the story of Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), an ex-convict who finds himself caught up in the world of literal gods as a war brews between the new and old deities. One of the more visually arresting shows on television, the show was stocked with a top tier cast of supporting characters in season 1, perhaps none of them more impressive than Anderson as Media: a new god who appears in the guise of modern icons like Lucille Ball, David Bowie, and Marilyn Monroe.

However, the show will have to go on without her. Per the Los Angeles Times, Anderson will not return for American Gods‘ second season, which is a direct consequence of the show’s creators and season 1 show runners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green parting ways with the series. Anderson had a pre-existing relationship with Fuller in particular, from their days working together on the NBC horror TV series Hannibal.

Gillian Anderson in American Gods Episode 5 American Gods Season 2 Wont Include Gillian Anderson

Anderson was unquestionably fantastic in the role, but Media’s status as something of a chameleon means it should be relatively straightforward to recast. Anderson’s departure seems like the least of the show’s problems at the moment. What seemed poised to eventually become Starz’s flagship series now faces a deeply uncertain future. By virtually all accounts, Fuller and Green deserve essentially all the credit for transforming Gaiman’s novel into something visually audacious, setting a mood that was simultaneously beautiful and horrifying, much like they did on the dearly departed Hannibal.

Starz and the series’ production company were reportedly unhappy with the amount of time and money it was taking the pair to develop season two, leading to the divorce. No replacement showrunner has been named – though Gaiman quickly took himself out of the running – nor is there a release date for season two, though Fuller and Green reportedly finished most of the scripts for the sophomore year before departing.

It’s hard not to compare this situation to Fuller’s dismissal from Star Trek: Discovery for similar reasons. Discovery has managed to find some success based on the brand appeal of Star Trek and its unusual position as CBS All Access’ primary reason for existing.American Gods’ chances of continued success without its masterminds – and now one of its most celebrated actors – seems far more precarious.

American Gods season 2 doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

Source: Los Angeles Times

The Gifted Renewed:)

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Fox Officially Renews The Gifted for Season 2

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Well as I sit in flickering light with a storm battering my house, this just made my day:) REC 

Fox has announced at its TCA press tour that The Gifted, the network’s series set in the X-Men universe, has been given the green light for a second season.

This news comes weeks before the series’ two-hour season finale arrives on Jan. 15, which will conclude a season met with strong reviews from critics and fans alike. Ratings wise, the series has been the number 3 new drama of the Fall 2017 season, averaging 8.3 million Total Viewers across all available platforms.

Set in the not too distant future, The Gifted tells the story of the Strucker family. After the kids, Andy and Lauren, reveal their mutant powers, the Struckers find themselves on the run and in the protection of the Mutant Underground. The Underground is run by mutants Thunderbird, Polaris, Blink and Eclipse, who were chosen by the now disappeared X-Men to protect mutantkind from the human race after a vague catastrophe that took place on July 15. The latest episode saw all threads come together as the Underground found themselves unknowingly manipulated by the resurfaced Hellfire Club, which currently includes the telepathic trio of the Stepford Cuckoos.

The Gifted stars Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Sean Teale, Blair Redford, Jamie Chung, Percy Hynes White, Natalie Alyn Lind, Emma Dumont, Skyler Samuels, and Coby Bell.

via Deadline


Coming closer than it has thus far to connecting with the MCU X-universe, this ep was a beautiful set up for the two hour season finale. I hope to hell this show gets renewed for a second season because honestly, it is so on track in its delivery of universe building. Despite its X-connection…the Gifted is becoming its own entity. This is accomplished via creating  engaging characters with good story arcs while concurrently maintaining a crisis, extinction level conflict. My review follows below.

The opening segment of parallel funerals played exceedingly well, capped off beautifully by Marcos (Sean Teale) stating that like them (humans), we live, bleed and die. On the human front, Jace (Coby Bell) gives a eulogy to his murdered friend and compares mutants to the angel Lucifer which bodes poorly for mutantkind. The Stepfords, Esme, Phoebe and  Sophie (Skyler Samuels) get a huuuuge push with this run. Gone is the soft, gentle manipulation. Now out in the open, she and her sisters are a commanding presence. We get a deeper link with the X universe via a sequence with a “finance” man who advises them to keep things quiet, citing their annihilation of about a dozen Sentinel Services guards in their previous liberation of several mutants, including the Struckers and Blink/Clarice (Jamie Chung), members of the mutant underground. The Hellfire Club is namedropped and a later offering by the “sisters” that Polaris’ (Emma Dumont) own heritage is linked to said club via her “real father” opens the field epically for the series.

The Stepfords use guile, cunning and telepathy to break apart the Underground or at least mine its most powerful resources. Andy Strucker (Percy Hynes White) is an easy target, perpetually angry and in need of an outlet, Esme’s reaching out to him citing his true history allows for the easiest seduction. Using Polaris’ imminent pregnancy to fear monger and manipulate her into an alliance is no less difficult. That Polaris’ power seems to be growing could play for good or ill. The Underground is in the worst position in this reality and kind of needs an alliance. Sentinel Services expands its reach via a now willing partnership with Jace and Dr. Campbell (Garett Dillahunt). The Hellfire Club has both the resources and politics to protect and exploit. This part is getting a little trying, honestly, as the central protagonists need a victory – a solid one – as they have not had one since freeing Polaris in earlier segments.

The notion of war between the species becomes more palpable as Campbell uses the Strucker children’s DNA to create a device that allows for mutant powers to be used in tandem, thus bolstering the mind controlling drug coercion of the Hound program. The exhibition of the effectiveness of this combination pulls Jace further into Campbell’s camp.

The Cuckoos game might actually be outside even the parameters of the Hellfire club. Their source material history allows for the trio being both forces of good and evil. Samuels gives capable performances, allowing for a slight differentiation of each sister’s personality though her later telling Andy “it doesn’t matter which one I am” was darkly funny. Their voices falling in and out of chorus ties in nicely with the notion that they share a hive mind. Their true origin teased in the run via the discovery of their last name again opens the field to even greater X-universe connections.

The arc of the siblings could easily become a sticking point in the show’s progression. I cite that Andy is initially the greater risk for recreating “Fenris” via his feeling disenfranchised even among his own kind. A key moment in which he pulls back Lauren (Natalie Alin Lynd) from the brink during their incursion at Sentinel Services’ compound allows that he is not as damaged as he would appear. His sketching, taciturn behavior, and willingness to be ‘handled’ by Esme pushes us back in ‘evil sibling’ territory.

The Stepfords openly approaching the Underground causes greater division among an already frightened and rancorous group. With John (Blair Redford) reeling from the loss of Sonya/Dreamer (Elena Satine), Marcos seems poised to take the reins of leadership as he is more clear headed and sees the Stepfords for what they really are. This potential transition occurs organically and as such works.

A lot got done in this run. The push of Campbell’s ‘international’ program implementation plan is countered by the Hellfire Club’s own machinations,leaving the Underground in a precarious spot. The set up for the finale next week is marvellously laid out. With due tension and investment, I can easily say “The Gifted” remains on point and accordingly is simply outstanding and well worth your time.


The Flash Adds Human Target Star Mark Valley

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Human Target star Mark Valley will play a central role in The Flash‘s midseason premiere “The Trial of The Flash.”

New images from the Jan. 16 episode reveal that the actor will play Anton Slater, the district attorney who in the classic DC Comics storyline prosecuted Barry Allen for the murder of the Reverse-Flash. Of course, on The CW drama, Grant Gustin’s character is on trial for the murder (although not really) of Clifford DeVoe rather than his archenemy.

 Valley played Christopher Chance, the bodyguard who protects his clients by assuming their identities, on Human Target, the 2010-2011 Fox drama based on the DC Comics character. He also voiced Superman in the 2013 direct-to-video animated movie Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.


Returning Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker and Keiynan Lonsdale.