Star Girl- Pilot- A Review

Posted: 05/20/2020 in Uncategorized


Well this was a good opener. The Justice Society angle was interesting as hell and for a premiere featuring a relatively unknown character, the show runners certainly succeed in garnering my attention. I am not sold on the heroine as yet, but the mystery surrounding the JSA and the Injustice Society is assuredly filled with promise. My review follows below.

The series kicked off with an epic fight between the Injustice Society and the JSA which favored the Injustice crew. We witness the final showdown between Starman (Joel McHale) and Brainwave (Christopher James Baker). Effects were top tier as we meet Icicle (Neil Jackson) and a superior understated chase from Solomon Grundy ensues. We get a less is more aspect here so that when we eventually get a full reveal on said character it will have proper impact and delivery. We get quick visual introductions to Tigress, Hourman, Dr. Midnite, the Wizard and Wildcat. We are left wanting more so in this introductory scene, the show manages to hit the ground with great traction. Starman’s narrow escape with Luke Wilson’s Pat Dugan manages a quick laugh but has due gravitas with its outcome.

A switch to a scene with a little girl lamenting her father’s not showing up at Christmas adds to the mystery. It is followed by a current arc in which we meet Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) who will become Stargirl. The next segment plays like standard teen CW fare but deftly avoids fully falling into such a trap. I did have a slight deja vu regarding Fox’ failed “Gifted” series but somehow feel confident Berlanti and Co will avoid promising too much and delivering too little. A scene featuring an image of the entire Justice Society certainly heightens fan anticipation.

A move to Blue Valley, Nebraska increases friction between Courtney and her step father which I hope is duly delved as for all appearances Pat has been with her family longer than her father ever was. Pat’s connection with Courtney’s mother, Barbara, (Amy Smart) seems earnest enough. Barbara telling Pat he is ‘trying just right” to win over Courtney is genuine without falling into cornball. In that vein, the fifties-esque style of Blue Valley juxtaposed with 90s ish music is a bit jarring by times. There is t a feeling of matters being off with the “American Dream” facet being heavily presented. I am hopeful this is deliberate as we discover quickly enough that some of the Injustice Society live in  this town in their civilian identities. The connection between Brainwave/Henry King and Courtney is deepened via her teaching his bullying son a lesson.

Courtney’s highlighted athletic background, namely gymnastics is presented plainly so that the viewer is made aware that she has the building blocks of heroic fighting ability. Courtney’s snooping does her no favors as while she does manage to unearth deeper truths about Pat and the JSA, she does not manage to make herself overly likable. Pat on the other hand is just the opposite, a kind, decent man who happens to have been a sidekick to two variants of the same hero.

We get just a enough information about the cosmic staff to add more layers of mystery as to its connecting with Courtney and overall sentience. Fighting aerial sequences came off well and CW manages again to do a goodly bit without a huge CGI big screen budget. Overall, it is very early to proclaim if this series will be good or not…or have longevity, but with various elements of history, action and reasonable performances, we are certainly off to a good start.

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