Batwoman- Ep. 6 “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury”: A Review

Posted: 11/12/2019 in Uncategorized


Ok, this was a massive improvement from previous episodes. We get a non-Alice villain. We get a detective tale and a grittier, fuller narrative that worked very well. Alice (Rachel Skarsten) sadly isn’t going away any time soon, but this certainly pushed matters in a better direction. My review follows below.

We open with a new threat and a D.A. getting murdered via an individual in an executioner costume. The manner in which he disposes of the attorney was both brutal and cleverly premeditated. The reason for the murder informs the majority of the episode and ties into Luke’s (Camrus Johnson) past, namely the murder of his father, long time associate/ally of Batman, Lucius Fox. The attorney who is killed is the prosecutor who put Lucius’ murderer away. This personal aspect allowed for a bit more of deep delve into the Batwoman/Kate (Ruby Rose)/Luke dynamic. The mystery of the killer now named aptly “The Executioner” allows for an actual detective work episode reminding the viewer that above all the Bat is a detective as much as a warrior.

I’ll give the Alice/Mouse arc a brief mention because it unfortunately will play out throughout the remainder of the full season. The Mouse character is creepy as hell and the ‘familial’ connection between him and Alice is as unsettling as one can ¬†imagine. Her crafting him a face out of harvested skin to take over the likeness of one of Catherine’s (Elizabeth Anweiss) scientists, Dean Devereaux (Matthew Graham) maintains the horror aspect the show runners seem to be focused on. Mouse’s (Sam Littlefield) jealousy of Kate over familial possession of Alice reminds the viewer that Alice while assuredly insane, is still very much a victim and despite her proclamations of being in charge, she is still being victimized to some degree. A later scene where Mouse tricks her and then kills their captive, breaking the tentative truce between Alice and Kate, illustrates that she might not be in as much control as she believes. I am hopeful this arc could end in a mid season redemptive sweep…but we shall see.

The Executioner (Jim Perri) arc allowed for the raw physicality, intelligence and ultimately guilt of the man who reveals his motives via a thumb drive confession. The acceptance of the villain’s confession being the truth is at the heart of the episode and Kate opts to believe him which in turn makes her have to convince both her man at arms, Luke, and her father Jacob (Dougray Scott). Both endeavors allowed for good performances and an actual push for reconciliation and healing between Kate and her father.

On the poor side, Jacob might be the most incompetent security head going. ¬†That his wife is free of criminal charges and incarceration is evidence of this. His actions throughout the run, busting in and “taking charge” to remind the GCPD that the Crows are the true protectors of the city pushes toward pure idiocy. The GCPD fare little better, evidenced by a key officer stepping into an obvious trap and getting shot to pieces. The city reaches out to Batwoman not merely due to their growing faith, but to the simple fact that apparently all other police/security authorities are imbeciles. I did smile internally as I recalled the classic 60s Batman in which both the chief of police and lead officer were keystone idiots…but while that aspect was deliberate, here it might just be poor writing.

Sophie (Meagan Tandy) must go. There is not a whit of chemistry between her and Kate. She is judgmental and has little to no character motivation. In fact, in this run she served only to allow that Kate’s half sister Mary (Nicole Kang) is a far better character. Charged by Batwoman to look after the now wounded Sophie, Mary saves the Crow Security officer’s life and duly lectures her on doing what is right, namely allowing Batwoman’s mission to continue. All moments featuring Mary whether with Sophie or Batwoman, were solid.

Overall, we might have the best episode thus far. We got a different villain with due DC lore history. We got a detective yarn on corruption that could have application in real world events and we got some reasonably good performances. Batwoman was quite watchable this week and seems to be striving to be what it could be…actually good.

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