Batwoman- Ep. 3 “Down, Down, Down”: A Review

Posted: 10/22/2019 in Uncategorized


This episode seemed a bit of a squandered opportunity featuring a long time Batman foe with a very rich history. The back and forth between Kate (Ruby Rose) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) sputtered a bit with Kate giving her an essential pass if she could go 24 hours without killing anyone. See if you can figure out how that went. My review follows below.

Alice’s backstory is interesting as it leads to only one source point. The obsession with the Wonderland character is poised to lead to another long time Batman foe. A cool flashback event yields an unsettling discovery for young Beth. That trauma informs her becoming is assured. The tease of what made her who she now is stands to be superior…if properly handled. I have concerns about this with the handling of a fairly formidable enemy/friend from Batman’s past in this latest run.

Enter Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann). The man who becomes “Hush” is a genuine nightmare and a dark half character to Bruce Wayne/Batman’s light. Here, he is played as a trope-ish villain. He is arrogant, erratic and possessing not a whit of the clever subtlety that frames the source material persona. His theft of Wayne tech serves only to bring forth that he knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. Elliot’s taunts to Kate about the Riddler were on point and played well. His citing his own origins with a slight modification, referencing Batman saving his mother, were an alteration but a necessary one to tie into the Dark Knight’s failure to save Kate’s family. This incarnation is simply too much, however, a rich, spoiled … and obvious enemy in plain sight. Elliot’s fighting ability is pretty much non existent which further removes some of the shine from his character.

Back to Kate – Ruby Rose continues to do well as Batwoman but falters as Kate. She has the emotional range of a photocopier and it is starting to gall. Events, including her sister’s obvious spiraling, that should elicit deep emotional response barely generate bemusement. Again, it is through her scenes with Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) that we see mild improvement. She is able to banter a bit and be sarcastic at least. Johnson manages to convey the performance of a man over his head, but one who really wants to help nonetheless.

The romantic entanglement featuring Sophie (Meagan Tandy) is void of purpose. Neither she nor Rose seems particularly invested. Sophie’s counsel to Kate to move on seems apt. Funnily enough, Rose’s Kate manages more chemistry and connection with a meeting with Reagan (Brianne Howey), a bartender at Elliott’s social event. Reagan is quick, funny and one could pull for the two easily enough over time.

Nicole Kang as Mary continues to deliver. Her back and forth with false vapidity quickly fades when she sees someone in medical distress. Sophie, charged with being her bodyguard, doubtlessly notices but this shouldn’t amount to much.

The push by Alice to reach her father Jacob (Dougray Scott) allows for more evidence that she is indeed Beth. Alice’s ongoing violent actions however equally assure that she is very far removed from who she was and possibly beyond salvation. A moment between her and Kate on a rooftop might offer the opposite but honestly….as a viewer I am finding it hard to focus on this arc.

If every villain introduced is strictly a one off to juxtapose against Alice as the master villain, this series stands to have a short tenure. Batwoman’s latest offering was okay, a mixed bag but okay. It needs to ignite matters if it wishes to keep viewer engagement. It is also absolutely not ready to take over where Arrow will leave off. Batwoman is watchable but nowhere near outstanding.




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