Flash- Season 6- Ep. 2 “A Flash of Lightning”: A Review

Posted: 10/20/2019 in Uncategorized


A slight improvement from last week’s opener featured the reach of the Crisis event making its way to the Flash series. Still more misses than hits framed this latest run. My review follows below.

Barry (Grant Gustin) tampers with time…and it goes against him. Queue my pantomime of McAulay Culkin’s “Home Alone” iconic reaction upon revelation that he is indeed home..alone. Barry endeavours to ‘get ahead’ of the event by trying to travel ahead of it. After a nearly fatal injury, the fastest man alive uses his head and consults another Flash, namely Jay Garrick (John Welsey Shipp).Shipp is always a welcome addition as he brings a seriousness needed along with a fatherly presence. That his wife is the image of Barry’s mother was a bit much…but ah well. Michelle Harrison plays Dr. Joan Williams and along with Jay, works to bring about a method of more safely allowing Barry to travel ahead without physical risk. This too goes as well as one would expect with Barry having a meltdown and needing to go home to Iris (Candice Patton) afterwards.

There is very much the feeling of being played as a fan of the show. The earnestness which skated toward cornball on occasion in the beginning made for an endearing and solid series. Now, we have stretched out emotional arcs to allow that the performers can act and emote properly. Barry’s hard won knowledge earns him a reading time moment from the mirror image of his mother which in turn takes us to our hero laying on a couch pushing toward a standard “Joe-ment”. While I do enjoy Jesse L. Martin’s Joe West, his heart to heart with Barry on this run felt disingenuous.

The sub plot featuring a rising villain Dr. Ramsey Russo (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is literally tacked on and with the piss poor cgi incident that follows, successfully detracts a final credit scene. Maybe this will improve but probably not with in the foreseeable future with the Crisis event looming.

Speaking of which, it is good that they gave Danielle Nicolet’s DA Cecile Horton something to do via a meta human criminal event. The addition of another character on an already bloated series seems unnecessary and Kayla Compton’s Allegra Garcia offered/offers nothing new. Allegra’s narrative allowed for Barry to wake up out of his stupor to deal with the genuine threat in an okay battle sequence at the Central City police station.

Where the show gained ground was in the development of Caitlin Snow’s (Danielle Panabaker) Frost persona character. Now that Frost has the reigns, she is endeavouring to find her way and build a life. Aided by Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer), we get moments of awkwardness and mean humour that were entirely genuine and enjoyable. Frost voicing her opinion about modern art at Kamilla’s (Victoria Park) showing was among the best scenes in the episode. Later instances in which she attempts to mine her own artistic expression as well as feeling a bit of remorse were equally earned. If Flash were to actually cease to be and what came next was  a Frost fronted series, I would most assuredly watch it.

Flash manages to fritter a bit of the tension brought forth by Arrow but still remains on point to hurtling toward the Crisis event. Flash is still very much worth your time but not yet outstanding.


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