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Posted: 12/07/2018 in Uncategorized


Daredevil Star Charlie Cox Reacts To the Series’ Cancellation

Last month, Netflix abruptly canceled Daredevil after three seasons. According to Charlie Cox, the decision to end the series caught him by surprise. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Cox finally shared his thoughts on Daredevil‘s demise.

“A lot of us really expected to keep going, and I certainly did,” said Cox. “The truth is, I felt like we had a lot of stories to tell, and although I understand [the cancellation], I’m very saddened by that. It’s just how business works. But also, these characters mean a lot to people. It’s weird to think there’s a chance I won’t be playing Matt Murdock ever again. That’s a bizarre feeling, because that character has been such a huge part of my life for the last four and a half years.”

Cox’s comments certainly sound like there aren’t any imminent plans to rescue or revive Daredevil. Disney+ is going for family friendly content, which would exclude the R-rated Marvel Netflix shows. And as some observers have noted, Marvel’s contracts with Netflix may make it hard or even impossible to move the series to Hulu. There simply isn’t an easy solution that will allow the show to continue.

However, Cox reiterated his desire to keep playing Daredevil, and he’s ready to return if possible.

“It’s been just the most incredible job for me,” noted Cox. “It’s so fun to do. You get to do all the acting obviously, which is great, but then there’s also this really fun physical aspect to it with all the stunts and the fight choreography…I don’t know how this would happen, but maybe one day we could pick up the baton and do it again.”

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