The Flash- Season V- Ep. 8 “The Past is Prologue”: A Review

Posted: 12/06/2018 in Uncategorized


Well… this latest run reminded us yet again that the Flash is a series worth watching. Directed by Tom Cavanaugh, this ep fluidly united past and present with dexterity, lighting the viewers interest in what’s to come a pretty dazzling reveal. My review follows below.

So very much got done with this episode. The team learning Cicada’s identity- Orlin Dwyer (Chris Klein) –  concoct a plan to defeat him. It is elaborate and ostentatious but considering  risky, but the thinking behind said plan by Nora/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is sound. When one brings in time travel, however, everything potentially goes off the rails. Barry (Grant Gustin) agreeing to go back to three periods in his life that deeply inform who he is in order to get components to make a weapon that can counter or defeat Cicada stood to be a grand measure. In the scope and breadth of his journey, the episode did not disappoint. Barry’s agreeing to let Nora join him seemed like a bad move but ultimately allowed for deeper moments of familial understanding as she witnesses the Flash at both high and low points in his history.

The moments that had the greatest resonance were the Wells (various incarnations) played perfectly by Tom Cavanaugh. Barry travels to his defeat of Savitar; his near elimination at the hands of Zoom (Teddy Sears) and the point of the Flash’s creation via Thawne/Wells’ particle accelerator incident. Interspersing new segments featuring actors from previous seasons worked exceedingly well. Again Cavanaugh must be lauded for playing his  best variants, namely Thawne and Harry .The notion of the “time hack” again reminded us of both the creativity and collective intelligence  of Barry Allen and his team. Nora’s crafting the plan to travel back was clever and the term ‘clever girl’ is chanted like a mantra by the most manipulative versions of Wells. This acknowledgement is not for nothing. Dibny’s (Hartley Sawyer) playing the apropos “Back in Time” added due humor to what was otherwise a fairly deep episode.

Ultimately, my fears of Nora messing up were allayed and the eventual throw down with Cicada illustrated that he has grown far more powerful than the group imagined. The fight sequence initially appearing one sided via the Flash’s effort would then be semi sabotaged by  Cisco’s  (Carlos Valdes) short sightedness. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) counters with the variable that she is not a meta, at least not one governed by dark matter. It would have been nice to have cleaned up this arc but we are only 8 episodes in and as such, Cicada might be pushed aside for the moment, but he isn’t going far.

What truly made this episode surreal is the return to its roots via  Harrison Wells/Thawne’s creation of the meta human condition as regards Central City. A beautiful moment in which Nora revisits her father’s past is slickly kicked aside with a mind blowing end sequence that opens up the series to its former stratospheric level. The “Elseworlds” end segment is simply gravy, topping off a spectacular run; one which reminds you how good this series truly is when it wants to be. Bringing in 90s Flash (John Wesley Shipp) as the potential glue that ties in the three night event is pretty damned spectacular. Flash amazingly returns to form with its 100th episode reminding us that it still can be simply outstanding and well worth your time.

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