Titans – Episode 8 – “Donna Troy”: A Review

Posted: 12/01/2018 in Uncategorized

The show that obtained so much disdain via screen shots continues to prove its worth with another solid run. A fearless call out to the expansive DC universe occurs repeatedly. Donna Troy’s/Wondergirl’s (Conor Leslie) backstory is readily acknowledged and yet again much gets done. Titans remains on point, focused on delivering a superior product. My review follows below.

The breaking up the band aspect didn’t thrill me. Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) stepping away from Rachel (Teagon Croft), Kory (Anna Diop), with whom he has begun a romantic or at least sexual relationship, and Gar (Ryan Potter) seemed off course. As smart and as paranoid as he is, a journey of self discovery seems ill timed. He had to know there were still powers at play regarding Rachel and his friends. His moments with Kory improved and his noting she talked in her sleep in a language he couldn’t understand pushes the notion of her actual heritage. Rachel’s playfully calling him an ‘a$$hole’ as he leaves yet again was a good moment. Dick’s true purpose of reconnecting with Donna Troy however was perfect. Conor Leslie is well cast, bringing humor, wit and a big sister vibe in her interactions with Dick. The moments between the two allow for Grayson to finally open up and be at ease, which was refreshing. The earlier tease of their sidekick history was equally perfect.

Rachel’s mother Angela (Rachel Nichols) brings a warmth and needed nurturing influence on the group. Her asking Rachel if she can put her arm around her as they gaze at the sun was a beautiful segment, including the awkward inclusion of Gar. The series is not without humor which is a good thing, because it is pretty dark. Kory since the Asylum is troubled with dreams which again hearken to her alien origins. Her bonding with Gar was well done, including her teasing him for wanting to ‘make out’ with Rachel. The group dynamic with or without Dick is familial and this resonates, paying due homage to the source material.

Dick’s time with Donna includes a quick reveal of her own abilities. Her pushing him to relax was doomed to failure. Her behaving covertly to get to a story on poachers allowed for the reveal that she is not completely out of the hero game. Dick’s intercession could have led to a fracture but instead yields to another sisterly moment culminating in a heart to heart in her apartment afterward. Her pushing Dick to become his own man, free from the influence of Batman or Robin could inform the remainder of the season but it doesn’t. Instead with superior writing, we seamlessly get lead back to the Rachel origin arc via Donna noticing glyphs on Dick’s phone.

The suspenseful tone of the season is easily maintained via an incident on a train in which Kory seems to misread a situation but in fact reads it very well. A further demonstration of her abilities reveals that exactly how powerful she is has yet to be determined. The trio and Angela making their way to the Roth family home in Ohio had a due furtiveness to it. Rachel’s attempt to tap into the healing aspect of her powers leads to a hell of a good cliff hanger and the bringing in of Donna Troy into the Titans fold.

Titans is so damn good. With only 4 episodes to go, the show seems determined to prove itself as the best new show offered by DC in quite some time. Titans continues to dazzle with its mixture of horror, heart and grit.

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