Titans- Episode 7- “|Asylum”: A Review

Posted: 11/27/2018 in Uncategorized


Pushing toward horror genre yet again, this week’s Titans episode allowed for the core group that is the Titans to discover at heart who they really are. Robin/Dick Grayson’s (Brenton Thwaites) moments were powerful and gave the viewer far greater insight into the trauma that informs his character. Everyone gets put through the ringer and we gain just a glimmer of insight into “The Organisation”. Titans again remains on track to delivering a great first season. My review follows below.

Dr. Adamson (Reed Birney) plays a dangerous game in this run. Though cuffed to the shower and prisoner of Grayson and co, he seems in control of the situation. He refuses to give intel to Kory (Anna Diop) and indicates he will only cooperate if he is allowed a one on one with Rachel (Teagan Croft). Though initially tempted to deny him and simply extract the intel from him, the group allows Rachel to speak with him. What follows, villainous sermonising on ‘saving’ the world not withstanding, is a confirmation of an earlier reveal with due horror flourishes. Adamson gambles and it yields a moral victory with Rachel as she taps into the less malefic aspect of her abilities. A follow up reveal by Adamson sparks the remaining plot and eventual deconstruction of 3/4s of the team.

Upon the revelation to Rachel that she is not as alone as she thought, we recognise that at her young age, there is only one move she will make.  Gar being equally young and potentially smitten will back her play. The scene in which Grayson makes his way up the stairs of the safe house to advise Rachel he has a lead played very well. With one look, he grasps that she has gone ahead. Dick’s following her with Kory is also a foregone conclusion as ultimately they are both heroes and at this point family. The capture of the first duo was understandable but the second less so, especially with Dick Grayson’s paranoid practices and situational awareness.

In any case, however, much gets done with this ep. Rachel gets a taste of both her good and bad talents. Her ‘taking it back” segment with Adamson was superior. There is much teasing about Rachel’s father who may not be introduced this season as honestly, his story is of a massive nature, potentially encapsulating several seasons. Casting will be integral in his case. The bright side of this latest run is that Rachel does get some potential answers to her true origins, intimated by Angela’s (Rachel Nichols) last name.

The remainder of the team gets a lesson in brutality. Probably the worst is felt by Gar Logan (Ryan Potter) whose torture leads to his doing what he feared he would never do. The emotional punch of his actions has due resonance and leaves an indelible mark upon him psychologically. Gar represents the lightness of the group and after his ordeal at the asylum/Organisation compound, his character experiences a deeply traumatic change. Kory’s “alien autopsy” moments maintained the horror territory this show does not fear treading. Unlike Gar, however, she seems less affected and we do learn more about her character pushing to her potential true origins.

Grayson’s ordeal has an equal gravitas as he truly faces himself. The scenes in which he encounters his younger self, enduring both physical and psychological brutality, push the reveal of who Dick Grayson truly is. While the psychodrama was captivating, the moments that followed in which he deals with asylum guards spoke volumes. His seeing his reflection in water after he decimates several opponents aid him in recognising it isn’t the mask that makes him the monster he believes he has become. Fight scenes with Thwaites again delivered and illustrated the show’s superior choreography. A final “bitter end” moment informs his potential rise as someone and something else.

Titans is easily the best product DC has put forth in ages. With five episodes to go, and guaranteed season 2 renewal, it stands poised to become one of the best superhero genre shows going. TItans is simply outstanding and well worth your time.

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