Arrow-Season 7- Ep. 5 “The Demon”: A Review

Posted: 11/15/2018 in Uncategorized

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if this is to be the last season of Arrow…it is primed to be a fantastic one. The prison arc remains superior to all other plot lines. The identity of the “Demon” was fairly outstanding and gave a cool nod to previous seasons. Felicity’s “Birds Of Prey” style group played fairly well and circled in nicely with the main arc. The Argus sub plot could go either way but after this latest run, I am surely willing to go on faith. My review follows below.

The Felicity (Emily Bett-Rickards) arc added another step to the reformation of Team Arrow. Her connection with Faux Laurel/Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) isn’t forced and the notion of a potential friendship isn’t out of the equation. The later inclusion of Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) adds an extra layer and potential shout out to an established DC dynamic. Regardless of bad blood, the trio working together to help Oliver (Stephen Amell)  – in which each showed their respective skill sets  – played very well. The reformation of Laurel at this point plays as genuine. “Level 2” ties in both Felicity’s and Oliver’s story lines. With a good degree of finesse, the lower level “Demon” plot point does not run overlong.

The ‘rehabilitation’ continued and the notion that Oliver is broken and identifies only as “Inmate 4587” is never a genuine fear. GA has endured too much. His current torture might as well be a holiday weekend comparatively. Dr. Jarrett Parker’s (Jason E. Kelley) clinic is nothing new to GA….one need only go back to the Amazo in season 1. Still the lower level moments had due punch including Oliver’s encounter with a prisoner who had initially intiated Diaz’s (Kirk Acevedo) attack in the shower room incident. Seeing this huge convict reduced to a simpering state illustrated how bad the place truly was. While the good doctor presented as if he was going “good work” by  striving to help eliminate criminal tendencies, With the linking of Parker’s present and past  via Felicity’s crew back search putting his true history in the light of day, the character doesn’t amount to much overall. He is a plot device but an effective one. He is the bridge by which the Demon and Oliver meet and the encounter does not disappoint. The reveal teases other potential appearances after the Lian Yu finale from season 5. The notion of nothing being incidental on Arrow is readily maintained.

The reversed philosophical perspective between the Demon and the former Green Arrow allowed for true character evolution. The agreement between the two also lead to one of the best fight sequences since the incandescence that is Daredevil. Watching Oliver dismantle a whole lot of individuals, effortlessly yields the Demon’s acknowledgement that he had learned much since their last meeting. The Demon’s end sequence with Dr. Parker is satisfying in that it delivers the justice deserved without detracting from the hero’s journey.

The Argus sub plot featuring Curtis (Echo Kellum) and John (David Ramsey) was more of vessel to get “Mr. Terrific” back in the game…and signal the inevitable return to the team’s reformation somewhere down the line. Seeing Curtis get his @#$% together was refreshing however as he is more than a simple comic foil.

Ultimately, Ep. 5 delivered, kept traction moving toward the inevitable return of the Green Arrow. The journey is entertaining as hell and thus far one well worth taking. A final moment featuring Diaz opens the field much wider and ensures viewership will not dip in the following week. Arrow has found its groove and seems poised to bring forth another stellar season.


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