Titans- Ep. 5 “Together”: A Review

Posted: 11/11/2018 in Uncategorized


The title says it all and the notion of how good this series can potentially be is further teased with this run. When one considers the buckets of derision hurled at this show based on initial, simple screen shots, this is a wonderful thing. DC has always excelled more on the small screen than in their big screen ventures. With Titans, they remain well on track to delivering their organization a much needed win. My review follows below.

The four heroes ride together to seek shelter from their as yet unknown enemy. That Dick Grayson will become their leader is a foregone conclusion. Brenton Thwaites’ Robin is used with limited frequency with his citing as reason that when he wears the mask, he is a different person, one who enjoys hurting people. With his moral compass active, he opts to use his superhero identity sparingly. What occurs is that when he does, the delivery  has punch. When the “Nuclear Family” attacks the group, while each member of the team fends off their attackers, it is only when Robin intervenes directly that we are reminded how much of a force he truly is. The joy exhibited by Gar (Ryan Potter) as he understands who Dick Grayson truly is – mirrors the fan’s perspective.

Dick’s hiding the team at a dive-y hotel allows for the group to get to know one another better, particularly during a training session in which we get a proper exhibition of how powerful both Rachel (Tegan Croft) and Kory (Ann Diop) truly are. The dive hotel allowed for the suspenseful, horror styled atmosphere that has informed the series since inception. While the group coming together played well, some elements of the characters connecting seemed forced. I cite Anna Diop’s Kory whose behavior toward Grayson bordered on icy and hostile to suddenly….taken with him…. The dynamic between the two in the source material has always been intense and highly sexual…but organically so. From their first contact…there is a chemistry between the two that made its way perfectly to the animated screen with DC’s “Teen Titans- Judas Project” in 2017. With “Titans” the show runners are less successful. Grayson’s initial meeting with Dawn Granger (Minka Kelly) demonstrated with ease that there were sparks between “Dove” and “Robin” and still some elements of romantic tension remaining. With the present arc, it seems more like they are pairing both characters because they are supposed to do so.

My above complaint is a minor one as honestly with Titans, @#$% gets done. The group recognizes that their enemy is targeting Rachel. Being trained by the world’s greatest detective allows for Robin’s drive to discover who is ultimately hunting them all. The replacement of “Dad” with a fitter, younger model brought about some very solid fight scenes. The family’s ‘there but not there’ veneer adds an extra layer of creepy as Grayson and co push to learn the truth about the forces employing them. An earlier scene with their leader Dr. Adamson (Reed Birney) making an omelet was vintage horror material hearkening who and what is to come. Of all the ‘family’, special props goes to Melody Johnson as “Nuclear Mom” who brings an extra layer of creep factor with her sunshine-y smile and placid demeanor.

This show quickly climbs the echelons of superior superhero genre fare. Grayson’s arrival at Adamson’s base of operations yields excellent kick-assery until and end segment kicks the show into an even higher gear. If the show runners can stay on course and keep the stellar focus they have thus far demonstrated, “Titans” will remain simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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