Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4- Ep. 3 “Dancing Queen”: A Review

Posted: 11/07/2018 in Uncategorized


This was another good run. Silly…but good which seems to be the show’s wheelhouse. Zari Tomaz (Tala Ashe) proves mvp in this run, returning to her more standard role as keen observer and supportive influence. Her moments with Ray (Brandon Routh) play well, but her moments with John Constantine (Matt Ryan) were equally good. My review follows below.

The opening segment featuring the Queen of England (Gwenda Lorenzetti) in the 70s speaking of a more ‘intimate’ royal appearance hearkens to a blitzed out montage of Elizabeth going to a punk bar, doing shots and crowd surfing. The image is as unsettling as it is funny. The opening informs this week’s magical “mythery” – a term coined by Ray. Constantine’s ‘working with’ the team while manipulating his own safety is vintage J.C. His dismissively attributing the latest mystical incursion to a Leprechaun – Declan (Jack Gillett) was funny, followed by a later moment with Ray trying to test said entity with John’s counsel.

This was more of a Ray centric ep. A clamp was finally placed on the sub plot of his helping Nora Dahrk (Courtney Ford) getting away. The episode’s true magical threat tied in nicely with last season’s decision by Ray to help Nora. The villain wasn’t so much a villain as a misfit. “Charlie’s” abilities played exceedingly well as a rather brilliant plot device to bring back another character or a new version of said character via John Constantine’s magic.

Ray getting to take point in infiltrating a punk group called “The Smell” was meant to push his fish out of water/square-ness but instead allowed Ray to blow off some steam. His thieving a royal corgi and later getting a tattoo was what it was…silly fun. His connection with Charlie (Anjli Mohindra) however had greater depth. Ray is big hearted bordering on gullible more often than not,…in this case however, he isn’t wrong and his advocating on Charlie’s behalf earns both respect from Rory (Dominic Purcell) as well as a new dynamic for the Legends. Ray’s countering Charlie’s attack also served to remind the viewer that he is a fairly bright guy.

The sub plot of Nate (Nick Zano) partnering up with Gary (Adam Tskehman) was juvenile. Nate’s purpose with joining the bureau is as yet unclear, though his “Time Bro” corrupting relationship with Gary might prove fun over time. Gary is comedy fodder though, nothing more. The Little Shop of Horrors send up fared better than their saber tooth encounter which had glaringly bad CGI and just didn’t really fit. With the Legends current ‘visitor’ however, Nate’s foreseeable role remains with Ava Sharpe’s (Jes Mcallan) people.

The darker half of the ep was by far the superior angle of this week’s romp. The bar scene in which Constantine endeavors to act out his revenge wish allowed for a demonstration of a time paradox. John is all about consequences and regret. His initial moment with a bar maid pushed the viewer’s perception in one lascivious direction before the reveal which had due gravitas via his scene with Zari.

Zari Tomaz: That brooding anti-hero crap must be a real panty dropper, huh? You tell her you have four roommates who sleep on the couch?

John Constantine: No, I didn’t. She’s my mum.

Zari Tomaz: …I’m *really* wishing I had not said “panty dropper.”

John Constantine: Yeah.

A later moment between Zari and John allows for a better understanding. An earlier visual flash sequence allows for who his as yet unrevealed nemesis and season big bad might be. The potential for a tie in with Constantine’s short lived but excellent tv series could be mind blowing. Here’s hoping. LOT remains consistent in its delivery.

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