Titans- Ep. 4 – “Doom Patrol” : A Review

Posted: 11/05/2018 in Uncategorized


Well this show just gets better and better. Bringing in the classic outsider team, “the Doom Patrol’  seamlessly with comic book accurate looks- check. Great banter among these new character and a perfect introduction via a back door pilot while still remaining on track with the cental Titans arc- check and mate. This season is really starting to come together. My review follows below.

Ryan Potter’s Gar Logan is dead on point, including the appropriate look and lighter character appeal with requisite banter. His moment with Rachel (Tegan Croft) go a long way in restoring her trust. The connection between the two is pure, brought on by their young ages and easy chemistry. An incident with hunters pulls the two closer together and beings the woman who will become Raven to her eventual ascension as a force of good through the demonstration of her ability to heal.

Gar’s bringing Rachel to his home leads to some fantastic moments and an Addamsian Family dynamic. Characters, especially Cliff Robertson/Robot Man (Brendan Fraser) and Negative Man (Matt Bomer), play extraordinarily well. The banter between Rachel and Cliff as he vicariously watches her eat is followed by his regret at no longer being able to dance. She gamely replies that she will dance with him with requisite robot dance pantomime. It is heartfelt and kindly met and the simple acts she demonstrates at the table lead more to the empathetic, healing Raven she will become. A later moment with Rita Carr (April Bowlby)shows true compassion and acceptance. Bowlby presents a damaged vulnerability with nervous edginess, peppered with yesteryear Hollywood glamor. While the group eats together, one would wonder why Rachel would ever leave in the company of such damaged yet accepting individuals. Enter the Chief (Bruno Bischir) who plays against type established by the source material. The Chief is both creepy and later on….outright menacing. This casting is not particularly promising as Bischir gives off a Victor Frankenstein vibe far more than anything genuinely altruistic. This is noteworthy after all the characters at the table have revealed their backstories and how much the Chief has helped them. He is controlling, has an unquestionable God complex and pushes much too far when he endeavors to examine Rachel.

Matt Bomer’s making Negative Man a cooking phenom with requisite AC/DC tunes playing as he cooks again kept things light which proved necessary. Even Rita’s appetite played for laughs, twisted bizarre laughs, but still levity. This series remains dark and stands to get far darker, but in the mean time, the central arc progresses with due gravitas and resonance. Rita’s story is particularly tragic, including the demonstration of her initial state and later various stages of ‘drooping’. The Hollywood Manor creep factor played incredibly well and kept the series on point as regarding its horror themed mystery.

The secondary arc featuring Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) partnering up with Koriand’r/Starfire (Anna Diop) yields bickering and judgment but not from the protege of the world’s greatest detective. Kory is loudly dressed and yet won’t go covert. She expresses concern for Dick when he goes medieval on a hunter who spotted Rachel running away in the woods. That she pulls him off the guy says something considering she has flash fried at least half a dozen people and yet feels no pause at such. I am still on the fence regarding her character but will continue to go on faith as much on this series is getting done right.

The meeting of both teams is historic but is prevented from becoming a superhero  throw down in lieu of a greater emotional moment of connection and potential salvation between Dick and Rachel. Titans is simply killing it, remaining one of this new DC platform’s best shows and Berlanti-verse offerings in general.

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