Legends of Tomorrow – Season IV- Ep. 2 “Witch Hunt”: A Review

Posted: 11/02/2018 in Uncategorized

Maintaining its consistency, LOT brings a cool blend of humor and wit to their new supernatural course. I mean, come on…they have built a magical time seismograph… using Ray’s technology and the  “bones of a martyred saint”… this is not a show that takes itself too seriously. The villain du jour was a combination of history and a twist on fairy godmothers….as I said…not too serious. My review follows below.

A supernatural seismic event signals that the latest ‘anachronism’ is in Salem during the time of the witch trials. The appearance of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) ensures that matters will go sideways and be thoroughly entertaining. His noting that nothing supernatural should occur during this time as it is pretty much the apex of religious repression is met by an event that draws the group in to investigate. As always, John plays his cards close to the chest and his hiding from his own troubles by allying himself with the Legends is vintage self serving J.C.

The ep is broken up into two quadrants, the first is the investigation of the latest supernatural baddie. The second is Nate/Steel (Nick Zano) attempting to work out his relationship with his father, Henry (Thomas F. Wilson) while making a firmer connection within the Time Bureau. The Time Bureau angle tied in fluidly with the Salem arc. Ava (Jes Macallan) endeavours to keep her agency afloat after having acknowledged that all time anachronisms have been resolved. Nate’s petulance with his father gives way to his cheerful willingness to help Ava. Gary (Adam Tsekhman) as always is silly and hilarious. After meeting the man in charge he opts for the truth as a selling point to keep funding,  including showing his ‘injury’ via the Unicorn last week. It plays as insane and well it should. Ava’s “put it away” demonstrates her comic foil skills. Nate, like Ray (Brandon Routh), however, skates his way toward overly juvenile. He is a smart guy and Ray is a frickin’ genius, yet both play as fools more often than not. Nate’s connecting with Ava however opens up the show and allows for Constantine’s more natural integration as a Legend.

Led by Sara (Caity Lotz), the team investigates the arrest of Jane Hawthorne (Laura Regan) for witchcraft. An incident occurs that leads the team in one direction before discovering the truth of the situation. The presence of a Fairy Godmother (Jane Carr) replete with Disney style singing was…again, over the top and simply insane. Yet in the framework of such a show as this, it works. A trench coat wearing wise ass exchanging barbs with a fictional character more often than not presented as a savior figure for young girls spins the notion on its ear. The Godmother expressing her frustration at being ill used includes cheap shots about wearing glass slippers and brings a darker take on a beloved fairy tale (pun intended) figure. The perspective of such a creature of joy becoming embittered and vengeful played exceedingly well when juxtaposed with a young girl’s innocent perspective of the world around her. Zari’s (Tala Ashe) own trauma over facing prejudice due to her beliefs and customs elevates the episode above the simple taking the piss out of an established fiction. Zari’s exhibiting her abilities while angry shows she is far from over her past trauma.

The end sequence in which Constantine faces off against the Fairy Godmother- besides allowing for another ‘in your face’ mocking of her source material, ‘bippity boppity…” indeed – teases the imminent threat towards LOT’s “practioner of the dark arts”. While not a stellar episode, the show’s sense of fun keeps its balance against darker fare to come. LOT keeps its position as one of DC/CW’s best shows.

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