Penny Dreadful Returns…

Posted: 11/01/2018 in Uncategorized


Penny Dreadful: Showtime Resurrects Fan-Favorite Horror Series

I would rather a straight continuation but with the loss of Eva Green’s Vanessa Ives…I get it…I will keep an open mind…. REC

Showtime has announced that it is reviving horror television series Penny Dreadful.

The cult-hit horror show ran for three seasons on the premium cable network before ending with the apparent death of the series protagonist, Vanessa Ives (Eva Green). The cancellation reportedly came at the behest of series creator, executive producer, and writer John Logan. Logan reportedly reasoned that three seasons with Ives was enough, and that her death was a good ending point for the series at the time.

The new show, titled Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, will be more of a spiritual successor to the original run of the show than a straight up sequel. The series will feature a heavier political element than the previous incarnation, and will center around a new cast of characters.

City of Angels will not take place in the Victorian era setting of the previous series. Instead, the story will relocate to Los Angeles in the 1930s for a tale set against a backdrop of Mexican-American spiritualism and supernatural phenomenon.

Speaking about the new direction for the series, Logan said, “In 1938, Los Angeles was facing some hard questions about its future and its soul. Our characters must do the same. There are no easy answers. There are only powerful questions and arresting moral challenges. As always in the world of Penny Dreadful, there are no heroes or villains in this world, only protagonists and antagonists; complicated and conflicted characters living on the fulcrum of moral choice.”


No premiere date, casting announcement, or episode number has been announced for the show as of this writing.

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