Flash- Season V- Ep. 4 “News Flash”: A Review

Posted: 11/01/2018 in Uncategorized


The picture kind of frames this filler-ish run. The series endeavors to stretch a bit with this one, taking on the subject of the much over used term ‘Fake News”. We learn more about the mother /daughter damaged dynamic between Iris and Nora. We learn a bit more about Cicada and we again wonder why this series can’t remain balanced. My review follows below.

We open with the boorish Sherloque Wells (Tom Cavanaugh). We again suffer the hammy muddled French accent, along with his asinine mockery of Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), himself a very capable detective. This version of Wells does show a bit of growth by the episode’s denouement, as he acknowledges Ralph put him on the right path to a useful deduction as regards Cicada’s (Chris Klein) abilities, namely his mask. The “Multiverse’s greatest detective’s” moments with Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) however were good, including goading her to punch him to test his theory on Cicada’s mask. The Wells/Caitlin connection has played well throughout various incarnations and it would be a good step to follow this path. The Ralph/Caitlin relationship is also a good step as it creates an interesting mystery side arc for both valuable characters.

Ah….Nora Allen (Jessica Parker-Kennedy)….I have never been a huge Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) fan, but with her daughter’s presence, I am at the very least becoming a bit more sympathetic as a viewer. The iciness between the two gets a bit of delving in this run…and honestly it doesn’t favor Nora whose behavior in this run was a trifle “X-S- ive”….sorry couldn’t help myself. She balks at her mother’s instructions. She is disruptive, impulsive and makes mistakes that match or surpass Barry’s (Grant Gustin). She might be a better received character than Wally West/Kid Flash was….but she is pushing toward puerile. Nora slights her mother’s work at every turn, favoring that of Iris’ former rival, Spencer Young (Kiana Medeira). She allows her libido to undermine an investigation and places herself and the Flash in due jeopardy to the point of nearly killing him….which is another sticking point….Barry Allen is mega charged by the speed force and can move at such ridiculous speed that any attempt to get the drop on him should be impossible. The routine at which he gets his ass kicked again….gets old fast. While initially presented as peppy and refreshing, XS skates toward juvenile and foolish. When Barry sides with Iris upon the big reveal of the mother/daughter schism, she all but stomps her foot as she heads to “Poppa Joe’s” (Jesse L. Martin).

The villain du jour was a pure plot device to advise that the Thinker’s (Neil Sandilands) attempted “enlightenment” had an undesired after affect of corrupting technology with dark matter. This angle is somewhat interesting as it places special abilities in the hands of pretty much anyone who can get their hands on technology…which is basically everyone.

The Cicada angle grows a bit more interesting as the discovery of his injury ties in with his mission. The end sequence pushes forth the notion of his injury becoming the source of his strength. While not a total wash, this ep was a step backward after last week’s improvement. While still watchable, Flash Season V is not yet outstanding.

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