Black Lightning- “The Book of Consequences- Chapter 4 -Translucent Freak”: A Review

Posted: 11/01/2018 in Uncategorized


I am again baffled at some of the negativity being cast at this series, which unlike others currently in play remains consistent in its delivery with interesting characters and story lines. Marvin Jones III’s Tobias Whale is already one of the best new tv villains. He sells his character with seething cruelty and malevolence. The family dynamic that informs this show continues to evolve and traction toward the inevitable battle between Black Lighting and Whale is seamlessly maintained. My review follows below.

Yet again, the most engaging plot course is Jefferson/Black Lightning’s (Cress Williams) whose personal journey includes fighting hard to keep order in his school, Garfield High, as well as guiding both his daughters to safer paths. With Principal Lowry (P.J. Byrne) there is a schism that cannot be mended. Lowry’s actions stand in stark opposition to Jefferson’s. Whether or not he is genuine or simply a bureaucrat remains  to be seen. With Anissa (Nafessa Williams) BL goes quite parental and loses his cool after Gambi’s (James Remar) advising him of her Robin Hood-ish activities as well as his own part in them. BL manages to regain some ground later and the two are at least able to call enough of a truce to work together for the greater good. Presentations of BL’s powers are less is more this season. He isn’t out in the streets every minute but when he demonstrates his powers…it is pretty damn awesome. No less so is the demonstration of the control learned by Anissa/Thunder as she does her part in handling a bomb situation.

Matters crumble as regards Jennifer (China Ann McLain) who despite sessions with Peranna is unable to fully control her abilities. This failure leads to a secondary failure via Jefferson and Lynn’s (Christine Adams) actions to protect their daughter. Jennifer reaches out to the one person she feels can relate to her situation and we can easily predict how that will play out knowing who her confidant serves ultimately. The notion of Whale and BL circling one another has been prevalent since season 1 but with this run thus far…it seems Whale gains a far greater advantage.

Jones’ Whale is pretty darn detestable. Using racial slurs to express his disdain for what would be considered his own people, he exudes a captivating malevolence. His capture was too easy and it becomes clear just as quickly that this is his latest master stroke. His referencing a vegan diet and yoga as the source of his apparent agelessness is delivered with wit and smarm. His banter with Deputy Chief Henderson allows for the title of the episode and Whale’s guileful rejoinder about being transparent. Henderson (Damon Gupton) ended last week by assuring Jefferson that he had Whale in custody in effect letting him know the law had prevailed. This is Freeland however and much has been allowed to occur in shadows and with Whale’s latest power play, such activity may now proceed in the light.

Cara Fowdy’s (Skye P. Marshall) bill comes due, though Gambi attempts so give her an aspect of redemption. Her gift to Gambi stands to shake up the dynamic. While on the subject of Gambi and the ASA, Lynn’s efforts to do good most likely have led to a Faustian bargain with a psychotic, Dr. Jace (Jennifer Riker). Desperation is the landscape for this season and the feeling that Whale is about to restore his former status quo makes for a riveting journey. Divested of his two assets, the man who would be king of Freeland stands poised to ascend. Black Lightning Season 2 remains on course to being simply  outstanding and well worth your time.

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