Black Lightning- Season II- Ep. 3 “The Book of Consequences- Master Lowry”: A Review

Posted: 10/30/2018 in Uncategorized


Yet another solid run featuring BL/Jefferson Pearce (Cress Williams) attempting to balance his personal life and vigilante path. Music heavily informed this ep, including the superior “I’m Afraid of Americans” by the late David Bowie to perfectly frame an opening volley.  While not as action centric as last season and becoming more about mysteries and connections, Black Lightning has lost none of its luster. My review follows below.

BL still patrols, still helps Greenlight victims and works with the police openly. Having outed his identity to Det. Henderson (Damon Gupton) he can at least speak freely with his friend. Henderson is still put off by Jefferson’s keeping his secret from him, but he will come around and acknowledges that they will “hash it out” but not now. While Jefferson continues to work on a balance between his identities, his private/work life seems to suffer more. He meets his replacement who is a trope-ish functionary who clearly doesn’t want to be at Garfield High. The first meeting between the current and former principal informs the dynamic that will ensue. Fowry (P.J. Byrne) is as establishment as you can get which will inevitably yield expected results despite Jefferson backing him for the greater good.

Khalil/Painkiller (Jordan Calloway) continues to serve Tobias (Marvin Jones III) feeling himself obliged and fearful of what would occur should he rebel.  His reaction when tasked with ‘reminding’ one of Tobias’ men of his responsibilities takes a dark turn and he seems to wear the weight of his action.  Khalil agreeing to a meet with Black Lightning later allows that he might not be too far gone.

This season seems very much to be about personal journeys and while some fans might not be appreciating it as much as they should, it is through the expansion and development of characters that a series grows. If we feel invested, we will keep watching ultimately. Lynne’s (Christine Adams) path to help the ‘pod kids’ leads to a rather unholy alliance via the NSA’s Agent Percy Odell (Bill Duke). His plans remain murky and cause both the viewer and Lynne to question his motivations. Duke plays Odell with the right amount of authoritative creepy.

Jennifer’s (China Ann McClain) fears yield a new odd connection via her parents setting her up with Peranna (Erika Alexander) to help her control her abilities that she might have some sort of normal life. The moments between two women were…okay….I am hoping more back story is given to this meta human who is able to draw folks into their own mental realm. The presentation of Jennifer’s ultimate fear however was on point.

Anissa seems a little more on track…sort of…one aspect of the series that plays exceedingly well is the relationship between the sisters. Jennifer and Anissa might bust one another’s chops, but ultimately they keep one another on the right path. A later meeting between Anissa and Grace (Chantal Thuy) resonates with the younger sister’s counsel of having a balanced relationship versus one that is more style than substance. Anissa’s Robin Hood arc stands to yield grave consequences, though the new partnership with Gambi allows for a much cooler story line.

The two end sequences open the series up to a much grander scale. Gambi’s arc easily ties into Henderson’s and all roads lead to Tobias. Henderson’s declaration to Jefferson had due gravitas but one laden with foreboding as nothing is ever easy- especially in a world populated by crime fighting vigilantes and villains. Season 2 remains on point to the series remaining simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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