Flash- Season V- Ep. 3 “The Death of Vibe”: A Review

Posted: 10/29/2018 in Uncategorized

Pretty much everything I tuned in to this past week was good. Some of what I watched was amazing Flash does not fall in the amazing category…but it is very much improved from its two previous outings.This season appears to be one which balances mysteries. Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) quest for answers, aided by Ralph Dibny/The Elongated Man makes for both fun and engaging viewing. The main arc involving XS/Nora Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy)however is getting meatier and pushes the show back on course to what it should be. My review follows below.

Every season of this show has been made better with the presence of a Harrison Wells, even the lesser versions..namely “The Council of Wells” and the dreaded “H.R.” were not without appeal. This season is built up on mysteries so of course, a more deductive version of Wells is sought, and provided, via the cloying “Herr Wells”. Enter Sherloque Wells, Tom Cavanaugh in yet another incarnation. Now I truly enjoy Cavanaugh’s seemingly endless takes on the same individual, with the strongest of nods going to season 1’s brilliantly evil Harrison and Season 3 and 4’s curmudgeonly brilliant Harry. In Sherloque, we skate closer to the H.R. cretinous variant. His muddled French accent and ‘scampy’ ways threaten to get old fast and yet he has strong deductive skill demonstrated later as he helps find Vibe/Cisco (Carlos Ramon) who battles Cicada (Chris Klein). Again, Cavanaugh must be lauded for making each variation unique. Sherloque’s disrespect toward Dibny motivates the Elongated Man toward demonstrating he is actually very skilled as a detective which pushed the show’s sub plot with Caitlin.

This was an assuredly better run as the team takes a misstep toward capturing Cicada and learn that yet again, tampering with time is a terrible idea with wide spanning consequences. The revelation, via Nora, that Cicada is a serial killer of meta humans who has eluded all attempts at capturing him, including those of the Legends and the coolly name dropped “League”.

Nora, as with Barry/Flash (Grant Gustin) stumbles in an initial plan and damn near gets people killed. Like Barry, however, and with a requisite pep talk, she shows she is no fool and is more of a chip off the old block than originally presented. Her end game move is exceedingly clever and allows for Vibe to be removed from Cicada’s target list. Her backstory grows even more interesting via her moment with Sherloque in which he questions her initial intercession on her father’s behalf last season. The ongoing tension between Nora and Iris (Candice Patton) also proves curiosity piquing.

The deepening mystery of Caitlin’s father seems to sputter to a harsh conclusion before opening up into something potentially fairly expansive. Cicada’s backstory seems nothing new though pushes forth the idea of his actions being motivated heavily by revenge with the discovery of his family dynamic and confidant. He has a way to go…but he is now at least proving interesting enough to watch. This latest ep brought a greater degree of balance and course correction that will hopefully be maintained throughout the season. Not  quite outstanding yet but definitely well worth your time.

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