Arrow- Season 7- Ep. 2 ‘The Longbow Hunters”: A Review

Posted: 10/29/2018 in Uncategorized


I’m going to begin by saying I dig the prison angle. I am usually not a prison angle fan in the slightest as it is an oft overused trope. In this case, however, it seems fresh. Seeing Oliver Queen work his way within the system to protect his family and endeavor to not break his own codes is pretty damn good tv. The future arc featuring Roy (Colton Hayne) and Oliver’s son William could go either way, but as the main arc is pretty darn spectacular, I am willing to go on a little faith. My review follows below.

Enter the Long Bow Hunters- a Viking sized fellow with a shield, a woman with darts and another female antagonist with the ability to disrupt sound. Their threat was intimated throughout last season. In this ep, it was delivered. Watching them mow through Argus soldiers was very well presented. Perfectly named, Red Dart (Holly Elissa), Silencer (Miranda Edwards) and Kodiak (Michael Jonsson) stand to make this season truly challenging for Oliver’s team and eventually GA himself.

Meanwhile in prison, Oliver (Stephen Amell) is tasked with ‘removing’ the lead prison guard by Brick (Vinnie Jones) for which he will exchange information on Diaz’s (Kirk Acevedo) whereabouts. We know what he asks of Oliver will not be easy. We also know that whatever agenda  Brick – and his crew, Sampson (Cody Runnels) and Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) –  has… it is not probably nothing good. With his low grade “Overwatch” substitution Stanley (Brendan Fletcher), Oliver attempts to manage all situations after his asserting himself the week before. Oliver has pretty much done it all, strategy wise, but he can still manage to surprise. When tasked with eliminating a hard assed guard and being pushed toward murdering the man to remove him from the equation, Oliver still attempts a reasonable solution. When all possible reasonable outcomes are removed, he does what he has to in order to obtain the desired result. The moment played pretty well but was costly to the man formerly known as Green Arrow.

Felcity’s (Emily Bett-Rickards) “get Diaz at all costs” arc stands to disrupt the organically occurring restructuring team dynamic. While her position is understandable, she is becoming a liability to John (David Ramsey). What makes her a good character is her understanding of such and acknowledging she needs a new alliance to get the job done. This season seems to be one of alliances with the most interesting one so far being the connecting between Black Siren/Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and Black Canary/Dinah (Juliana Harkavy). The notion of redemption and forgiveness seems a bit much, considering all that Laurel has done but dammit if their unified front against Silencer didn’t kick all the ass needed. They won’t be ‘besties’ but their working together could become one of the better aspects of the season.

The looming big bad of Diaz is brought forth just enough to keep the viewer engaged. His one on one with John, with actual fire as a weapon, paying homage to his street name “Dragon,” played very well as did the fight scene between the two men. Backed by the Long Bow crew, Diaz isn’t going away anytime soon and  he assuredly has earned his place as one of GA’s top nemeses.

The twenty years future arc connects the past with the present with the intimation that things don’t end well for Oliver or Felicity. Adult William (Ben Lewis) pushing to connect with solitary, older Roy Harper teases enough of a mystery to keep fan interest. The key to the arc’s success as with all things is balance. If we learn early on that GA’s mission failed horribly, the investment in the show can be called into question. The linking of present and future might hold an even deeper mystery, namely the identity of the new Green Arrow. Very much on course and with strong performances and solid action, Arrow remains simply outstanding and well worth your time.

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