Good TV Only…

Posted: 10/06/2018 in Uncategorized


I recently have been re-watching Daredevil Seasons 1 and II in preparation for the imminent season III launch on Oct. 19/18. I will begin by saying the Netflix/Marvel amalgam has for the most part been a formidable powerhouse of good viewing. Jessica Jones two seasons in remains formidable. Luke Cage’s second season was superb up until the conclusion which detracted a bit but hardly derailed the series. The Punisher was a rousing success on all fronts. About the only case in which  I have found bitter disappointment thus far…was the second season of Iron Fist which pretty much ruined the character…but the less said on that subject…the better. Back to DD. Re-watching the first season was as enjoyable as the first time around. Charlie Cox’s Daredevil/Matt Murdock is just so superior….all characters on this series have due gravitas and emotional resonance. Simply put, they are easy to root for or at the very least strive to understand. Vince D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin is just the best damned villain to come out of the marvel universe…or any universe…in quite some time.

The fighting choreography is still undefeated…able? champion. Any sequence involving the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen fighting whether it be against street level thugs, see early on one shot mind blowing sequence, to one on ones with folks with ninjas…the feeling of seeing something outstanding is unquestionable. I will be finishing off the second season today then will move on to the underappreciated 8 ep run of the Defenders. DD is just so gd good. The problem with its quality however is that other shows I might have once watched for the sake of watching either for the genre or the pedigree of what informs it…now pale in comparison.

When you watch superior, gripping tv like Daredevil, Amazon’s Bosch, Starz “American Gods” and arguably the zaniest and most sacrilegious of the lot…AMC’s Preacher…there is no going back. I am looking at you “Gifted” whose current budget seems to have been as reduced as its overall quality. Flash Season V…I am looking at you as well. The caliber of expectations has risen across the board, whether the battle grounds are big screen cinema or small screen forays, we must…and should expect more. If a show slips, and continues to slip…how much time are you willing to waste for creative teams to course correct or reboot? Even if I have been there since inception, if a show staggers to continue only for the sake of continuing, I will not be watching. Walking Dead, Ray Donovan…were both shows I would rank among my favorites and gladly reviewed. One became an unpalatable study in sorrow, while the other completely lost its way. Life is short folks. For those precious moments we strive to distract ourselves with the world of entertainment…we should be entertained….just sayin’.

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