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Rosie Perez Joins Birds of Prey Cast as Iconic DC Hero

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Interesting choice…and if this were Marvel…I wouldn’t even question it…but this is not Marvel…we shall see….REC

The upcoming Birds of Prey movie has found its Renee Montoya. Academy Award-winning actor Rosie Perez of Do the Right Thing is playing the detective in Cathy Yan’s women-centered DC movie. Montoya is a detective working in the Gotham City Police Department who later takes on the superhero moniker The Question.

Perez’s casting follows last week’s announcement that the roles of Black Canary and Huntress have been respectively filled by Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. All three women will be joined by Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn to bring down the film’s antagonist, Black Mask, whose casting is still currently being decided. The final role left to cast for the team is Cassandra Cain, who in the comics was once Batgirl and is currently going by the identity of Orphan.

The Birds of Prey is a team that consists of woman superheroes (and sometimes villains) created in the comics by Chuck Dixon and Jordan B. Gorfinkel. The roster has changed often, but Black Canary and Huntress are more often than not on the team. Recently, the comics lineup was those two, plus Batgirl.

Birds of Prey will come to theaters on Feb. 7, 2020.

(via TheWrap)

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