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Arrowverse Crossover’s New Casting Teases a Major Batvillain’s Involvement

by  in TV News (CBR)

Mr. Freeze is, of course, a classic Batman villain. He debuted in 1959’s Batman #121 as Mr. Zero before taking the name Mr. Freeze in 1968’s Detective Comics #373. However, his wife Nora didn’t enter the scene until “Heart of Ice,” the Emmy Award-winning episode of Batman: The Animated Series that aired in 1992. Shortly after marrying Victor Fries, a GothCorp cryogenics researcher, Nora was diagnosed with a terminal disease. In a bid to save her, he cryogenically froze her so she would live long enough for a cure to be developed. During this time, he was attacked in his lab and mutated by the chemicals there, transforming him into the villainous Mr. Freeze.

At the time of writing, it is unclear how big of a role Amell’s Nora Fries will play or if her husband will appear at all in the Arrowverse crossover. However, by virtue of her connection to Mr. Freeze, her presence hints at bigger things to come.

Nora Fries isn’t the only major DC Universe player involved with this year’s Arrowverse crossover. Amell joins Tyler Hoechlin, who will reprise his role from Supergirl Season 2. Nora will make her Arrowverse debut alongside Kate “Batwoman” Kane, as played by CW newcomer Ruby Rose, and Lois Lane, who will be played by Grimm star Elizabeth Tulloch.

Amell, who has been married to Arrow star Stephen Amell since 2012, has appeared in Mad Men, One Tree Hill and Hart of Dixie. Her past credits also include NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: NY, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami.

DCTV returns to The CW this fall with The Flash leading the charge on Tuesday, Oct. 9 with its Season 5 premiere at 8 pm ET/PT, followed by Season 2 of Black Lightning at 9 pm. Supergirl will follow the next week on Sunday, Oct. 14 at 8 pm, with Arrow the next day on Monday, Oct. 15 at 8 pm. Finally, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return on Monday, Oct. 22 at 9 PM. The highly-anticipated crossover will air over three nights, starting on Sunday, Dec. 9 through Tuesday, Dec. 11.

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