Preacher- Season III- Ep. 9- “Schwanzkopf”: A Review

Posted: 08/23/2018 in Uncategorized


Well holy hell….this had to be the most Bat@#$% crazy thing I have ever seen. Gonzo, outlandish, sacrilegious, etc…none of these terms begin to describe the madness of this season’s penultimate episode. I honestly am at a loss to describe the enormity of the zaniness of this run. Was it engaging though? Oh hell yes.  My review  follows below.

The first 15 minutes of this episode were simply…mad. From the opening sequence we see by the vintage Custer smirk that Jesse (Dominic Purcell) has a plan to escape. His baiting the Allfather (Jonny Coyne) began upon his initial capture. The leader of the grail is cunning, wily and to quote Custer “batshit crazy”.  The man’s zealousness and hubris, however, allow Jesse to push that he is a Christian and therefore deserving of a Christian death. Ultimately however, Custer, like his soul mate Tulip (Ruth Negga), is a survivor. We know he will make a play and that it will probably be bloody. In his end game moment, we are not disappointed. What follows simply can’t be described. It is visceral, violent and again…crazy. The denouement between both men ends with Custer’s reconnection with Starr (Pip Torrens) and an equally mad battle for Jesse’s soul…in a literal fashion. Both fights are well…gutsy…sorry couldn’t help myself.

The outcome never in doubt yields both Starr and Jesse’s return to being adversaries rather than shaky allies. Jesse salts the wound doubly with his “no more hats” command forcing Starr to be unable to hide his scar and as such great mockery. The second greater salting occurs via Jesse’s damnably brilliant plan for Humperdoo/Christ child (Tyson Ritter). Upon learning Allfather’s masterstroke play out in epic “Dr. Strangelovian” fashion, Custer’s first move would have been understandable. His final choice mixes both mercy and anarchy which pretty much sums up Jesse Custer and make for a jarring and yet darkly funny visual.

Visuals were prevalent in this run both during grotesque moments, exposition or via breakdowns of escape plots. This latest run practically thrummed with manic energy with the visuals perfectly matching tone and overall apocalyptic atmosphere. Custer’s arc ends as it begins though his current enemy seems to calmly lie in wait which tends to bode ill for the Preacher.

Tulip’s own literal slice of hell again hearkens to the O’Hare curse as she endeavors to help Lara (Julie Ann Emery) despite her incredible dislike for the woman- who did in fact kill her. Headed for hell via Sydney/Angel of Death (Erinn Ruth) and the Saint of All Killers (Graham MacTavish), Lara understandably is feeling the strain. Tulip’s good-ish deed yields a reunion and due ‘narcing’ from the well intentioned Eugene (Ian Colletti). Now riding the bus to hell with such company as two immortals and Adolf Hitler (Noah Taylor), Tulip’s fate seems grim… but this is Tulip O’Hare. Her arc fills the second half of the piece, including another reminder that she is fearless as she ‘builds a bomb’ to escape via pitting her will against her captors and attempting to antagonise them against one another. Her work may be facilitated by AOD’s admission that the rules are out the door now that God is gone. The Saint might be a hardened killer but he does have his code regarding justice and his adherence to it might inform his next move. A gonzo scene involving Adolf’s current ‘army’ caps off the sequence leaving the viewer wondering what the heck…or hell… as the case may be.

Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) calling out Eccarius (Adam Croasdell) plays out as one would expect though his hard lined answer to his ‘host’s’ desire to be happy “I’d rather be sad” hits all emotional beats. The Dubliner makes his stand which does not go his way though his Hail Mary move at the ep’s denouement might turn the ‘table’ in his favor.

All in all, a superior pre finale episode was delivered. Again, 45 minutes sails by as if seconds. Again, we are left wanting more. The abbreviated season’s finale next week seems poised to duly blow our minds as much as the explosive opener might have rattled them. Preacher remains assuredly outstanding and well, well worth your time.


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