Preacher – Season III – Ep. 8 “The Tom Brady”: A Review

Posted: 08/16/2018 in Uncategorized


Picking up from last week, Preacher’s latest run again ups the insane….Words I never thought I’d use in tandem….’gleeful explosive Humperdoos”. Wow.  The multiple arcs all skate toward darker turns and yet the twisted humour that informs this show is never far removed. My review follows below.

The opening sequence sets the pace for the show featuring Jesse (Dominic Purcell) ‘partnering’ with Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) to regain his soul and therefore “Genesis”. The moments that follow remind us of Starr’s staged classroom incident in which he preps Jesse for his ascension as the new messiah. The demonstration of how formidable Jesse is never gets old. Seeing him batter his way through the Allfather’s (Jonny Coyne) men along with the sense of liberation expressed on his face as he does so ably illustrates he is a truly hard case. Like the classroom battle however, this fight is not what it appears to be. Starr might pledge his fealty to Jesse but ultimately he is a survivor and will protect his own ass regardless of the cost. His wanting to place Jesse as the new messiah is nonetheless genuine as are all moments that follow between both men.

Coyne gamely demonstrates his character’s guile and sinister intelligence. Allfather instils fear in Starr and through that very fact, we know he is to be feared. Jesse’s offering his faith up as his reason for reclaiming Genesis is met with Allfather’s own twisted logic in which he offers science as a foundation to a solution to brokering his order’s “The Grail” goal of the ascension of the ‘genuine Christ child”. While assuredly insane, Allfather’s faith is no less firm. His presenting ‘Humperdoo” (Tyler Ritter) earns Jesse the acknowledgement that this nomenclature is Starr’s and not the leader of the Grail’s. Music informs this series overall and using Blue Danube to frame what occurs next is as disturbing as it is darkly hilarious. The repetition of the same act is deliberate, demonstrating both the Grail’s resources and commitment to their goals.

The Eccarius (Adam Croasdell) arc does not linger overlong. His time with Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) seems to bring the elder vampire genuine joy but we know what lingers beneath. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) tries yet again to bring in Cassidy and while we know based on his track record, he is doomed to fail, his cabbie disguise and “I believe in you” moment before his car mirror simply kill. His capture plays for laughs particularly as Cassidy and “Les Enfants” attempt to broker a deal with Starr. With both Starr’s classic insouciant look and the visual of the text conversation between both parties, genuine funny moments occur. Hoover’s fate takes a strange turn and serves as a bridge to resolving the Eccarius villain amongst sheep arc.

The heist portion of the program allows for the notion that Jody (Jeremy Childs), Lara (Julie Ann Emery) and Tulip (Ruth Negga) are actually capable of working together quite well. The HR demo featuring Jody and Tulip is so hilariously wooden. The moments that occur afterwards allow for the concept that there might actually be an “O’Hare” curse as well as tying in seamlessly with the Granma sub plot.

The phone call from Granma L’Angell (Betty Buckley) yields a subsequent visit from Jason Douglas’ Satan which is as brilliantly jarring. Granma’s attempt to broker a new arrangement with the devil is preceded by the actual revelation of what she truly fears and assures any viewer of the show will zealously be watching next week’s instalment.  I again note that forty five minutes zooms quickly by with due regularity. Preacher remains the most bizarre, outlandish show going. It is still assuredly both outstanding and well worth your time.

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