Preacher- Season 3 – Ep. 7 “Hilter”: A Review

Posted: 08/08/2018 in Uncategorized


More a return to form was offered with this run. The potential meeting of the Grail and the L’Angells did not disappoint. Pip Torrens continues to nail every mark with his performance as the disenchanted “Herr Starr.” There was a greater feeling of traction with this run, including the Cassidy arc. My review follows below.


The Saint portion of the ep was brief but brought with it a superior turn featuring Noah Taylor as employee of the month “Dave Hilter”. The dark comedic value of this character is used but only to ultimately reveal that evil is obdurate. Even though he jauntily makes sandwiches for customers, including smiling interactions with children, he is still ultimately and unalterably…Adolph Hitler. The show which so gamely delights in its absurdity and subversiveness plays full force as Hilter speaks with his co-workers about wages and standard minimum wage employee business.When he assigns the blame for all issues on a central soure and goes into a tirade in his native tongue, the humour becomes even darker. Hilter’s planning for the sandwich shop team as key members of his new reich is quickly put in its place with the arrival of The Saint (Graham MacTavish). “Satan sent you?” plays for laughs along with his endeavouring to push the Saint along by allowing he has “too much to do” to return to Hell. The segment plays out as it should before returning to the two main arcs.

The Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) arc allows for some gleeful moments, including the 118 year old Dubliner enjoying a night out on the town with Eccarius (Adam Croasdell) capped off nicely with a smile inducing flying sequence. The connection between the two grows in a not unexpected manner, strengthened by F.J. Hoover’s (Malcolm Barrett) latest hair brained scheme of using Catholic church agents to take down both vampires. The recruiting confessional moment in which Hoover gains access allowed for a funny “Miley Cyrus” reference. The potential of the Grail’s bad assery again plays for laughs as both Hoover and Lara (Julie Ann Emery) fail repeatedly despite determination  and resources. In this way, the writers take the piss out of authority in general, focusing more often than not on religion. The direction of “Les Enfants du Sang” takes the show toward standard horror fare but had due punch, leaving the viewer duly baited for what’s to come.

The main arc featuring Jesse (Dominic Purcell) reaching out to Starr and the Grail made for a study in awkwardness as Starr and Lara meet with Granma. Starr shows her patronising behaviour and she reacts with a physical display of her contempt. Starr’s offer of a reality show and the potential for the L’Angells to leave the 19th century is vintage Starr. The eventual palaver leads to Granma’s (Betty Buckley) stating her terms in return for a ‘loan’ of Jesse. The end result is a another heist caper featuring enemies Lara and Tulip (Ruth Negga). Tulip’s toughness is matched only by her love and loyalty to Jesse as exhibited by her agreeing to help Lara, chaperoned by Jody (Jeremy Childs) on a trip to a Japanese soul bank. T.C.’s (Colin Cunningham) creepy eavesdropping stands to undermine Jesse’s master plan. Starr’s ‘dial tone’ preference over a conversation with T.C. is just  a superior moment.

Ultimately this is a game of cons and cons within cons. Starr elicits a promise from Jesse pledging his loyalty to him should he become “the Messiah”. Promises are fluid on this show as Starr ends with a seeming betrayal via an ‘introduction’ to the Allfather (Jonny Coyne).

This show  is so damned zany and yet at 45 minutes it flies by leaving the viewer wondering how they might top each episode with the subsequent one and knowledgeable of the fact that they probably will. Preacher remains simply outstanding and well worth your time.

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