Preacher – Season III- Ep. 5:”The Coffin”: A Review

Posted: 07/25/2018 in Uncategorized

PREACH_305_AB_0320_0001_RT__scaled_600.jpgWell damn if the bizarre factor wasn’t upped with this one….I am at a loss at what I found more unsettling. I have it at a tie with Humperdoo’s (Tyler Ritter) tap dance routine and Herr Starr’s (Pip Torrens) frozen grin while wearing a pork pie hat. This was just out there…but was it any good? My review follows below.

This ep was broken up into three quadrants. Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) accepts his exile unaware of Lara Featherstone’s (Julie Ann Emery) pursuit. Tulip (Ruth Negga) sees wisdom in Madame Boyd’s (Prema Cruz) plan and opts to take Granma (Betty Buckley) out. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) struggles both physically and spiritually. At the heart of Tulip and Jesse however is the hardest, glass shard laden grit. This is given due evidence with this run. Tulip’s reign as television’s toughest woman is again asserted though in the realm of guile Granma is unsurpassed.

The discovery of Cassidy’s disappearance inevitably leads to a throw down and Tulip’s one on one with T.C. (Colin Cunningham) was pretty spectacular. The L’Angells are genuinely the creepiest bunch to grace tv…or film in a goodly while. TC’s ‘play’ with Granma was stomach lurch worthy. Easily the most bizarre horrid family dynamic out there,  there is nonetheless genuine fondness between the two…desperately twisted though it might be. Some cool reveals allowed for a better view of how hard a state Granma is truly in. Buckley again kills with her performance. She is absolutely evil, insane but one cannot look away when she is on screen.

Tulip and Jesse end up on the short end of the stick in their initial altercation but the badassery inherent in both ensures this won’t last long. Jesse’s coffin moments with requisite Duke apparition are ripped from the comics. Tulip’s moments with Jody (Jeremy Childs) readily demonstrate that she has his respect. She, Jesse, Jody and TC remain linked via their connection to Granma which extrapolates beyond any blood tie and becomes something twistedly metaphysical.

Herr Starr’s boss, the Allfather (Johnny Coyne) is introduced and he is as mad as a hatter. His witnessing the “one thing” Starr has been able to teach the ‘New Messiah” is just demented. No less so is his delighted reaction as he sees Humperdoo’s ‘progress’ as grand. Starr’s sickly smile becomes our own as the Grail’s end time mindset is rolled out in all its perverse glory. Starr’s comments on the ‘nitwit’ as always slay comedic-ally. Starr’s core group, headed by Lara seems doomed to fail as every plan they come up with is undermined, in this case quite randomly by Cassidy’s earlier ‘vampire dating’ attempt. Cassidy is exceedingly empathetic this season. When he discovers that a potential lover is a charlatan, we feel for him. Nothing on this show is random however and his failed date opens the field to becoming something greater…and crazier.

The ingenuity of Tulip and Jesse plays out remarkably well in this ep. Jesse’s coffin escape is as impressive in its delivery as it is in its desperation. Tulip’s play earns her another visit from God (Mark Harelik) who again mocks her citing his earlier “pass/fail” plan for mankind. In the end, Granma earns her rep, coming up with a counter defense to any plan Tulip can come up with. Jesse’s pronouncements on his pseudo family no longer fall on deaf ears. That the end sequence zooms back to the earlier four way fist fight that framed the ep nicely sets the stage nicely for what’s next. We haven’t even gotten back to Eugene (Ian Colletti) or Adolf (Noah Taylor) yet. Preacher remains manically paced, absurd as hell and very much worth your time.

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