Preacher – Season III – Ep. 4 “The Tombs”

Posted: 07/22/2018 in Uncategorized

Last season ended with the Saint of All Killers (Graham McTavish) wanting “a word” with Satan. In this ep, he gets it and then some. Jason Douglas’ Satan is something to see. Giddy, awful, cruel and mesmerizing. the actor who once brought us kindly Tobin from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” now gifts us with both a unique and brilliant take on the father of lies. My review follows below.

Preacher challenges the viewer weekly. The darker and more troublingly twisted it gets, however, the more gripped the viewer becomes. The entire opening sequence was just so damned bizarre including the introduction of the Angel of Death/Sydney (Erinn Ruth). Satan’s speaking to the Saint seemingly as an equal we knew would play out badly. His complimenting the Saint before the Angel of Death was just a lull, a feint before the lord of the flies demanded “atonement”. His sitting back on his throne initially saying that punishment and torture were not his favorite moments was followed by “who am I kidding? this is my favorite moment…”

The jump to Angelville was not the least bit jarring as it is just another domain of hell by Jesse’s reckoning. His current predicament as ring master to the tombs’ horrible circus of violence is brutal. Jesse’s (Dominic Cooper) presiding over a death match between Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) and a  former vice principal wannabe is overseen by the lowest of the low, a cheering crowd of degenerates. This scene plays no less jarringly than the Saint taking an elevator to Satan’s abode over a lake of fire.

While the viewer knows Jesse is trying to help his friend, the scenario is still horrible and Custer’s demeanor seems gleeful as he acts as quite the showman. The notion of how much bad is in Jesse Custer is at the heart of this season. Now divested of his semi divine “Genesis” power, he is forced to use his own survivalist skills and make some pretty awful decisions. A later moment between he and Cassidy offers Jesse’s ultimate motivations. Cassidy’s own focus is questionable and continues to lead him down a dangerous path. Jesse is working a crowd but it isn’t the rubes at this vile circus, it is Jody (Jeremy Childs) and T.C. (Colin Cunningham).Flash back sequences in which young Jesse is both a recruiter of clients for his Granma (Betty Buckley) and ringmaster for the tombs explain an awful lot about him, pushing forth the fact that as bad as he is…he really could have been much worse. The maintenance of ‘warriors’ or ‘debtors’ is handled by T.C. and now confirms that he too is among the worst in Angelville.

Perception is key where Jesse is concerned. Few can see beyond what seems like narcissistic cruelty. This unfortunately includes Cassidy and Madame Boyd (Prema Cruz). The secondary story arc involving Tulip and Boyd is pretty damn epic, including a movie level sequence in which Tulip again asserts herself as the toughest female character on small screen. She is bat-@#$% crazy, tough minded, and most importantly a paradigm of fearlessness. Her one on one with Boyd allows for a genuine heart to heart between the women and an explanation of the Boyds’ genuine hate for Jessie. On the surface after the tale is told, Boyd makes many strong points for Jesse’s being among the worst people she has ever known. A follow up sequence in which ‘the truth” is pushed to Tulip could play exceedingly poorly.

Jesse’s sort of melt down in which he tells the Tombs’ audience that there’ll be no more fighting as God has abdicated his throne was a pretty strong piece of acting by Cooper. His ‘dealing with’ Cassidy was just surreal including an earlier conversation at a shipping depot. You kind of have to see it to appreciate it. Jesse seems constantly forced into terrible actions. Cassidy does not help in the least though he does manage to create a disturbing and funny visual during a later sequence with Tulip. The assurance that he is not lost is adeptly proffered. His final sequence on the ep yet again opens the show for a future bigger arc. Tulip’s decision is bolstered by Boyd’s later advice which could lead to calamity for all involved.

The writing this season has been superior. The return to the opening sequence via the devil’s offering the Saint a deal will lead to the return of two more characters and the assurance that this season will continue to be a wild one. Preacher Season III is on track to remaining outstanding.

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