Preacher- Season III Ep. 3- “Gonna Hurt”: A Review

Posted: 07/15/2018 in Uncategorized


The picture kind of captures the episode which was amazingly ‘out there’ but as always, both mesmerizing and unsettling. Season III maintains its traction with yet another tour de force theatre of the absurd segment featuring Tulip, TC, Jody, Jesse, Cassidy and of course, God himself. So damn weird but so damn interesting. My review follows.

We open with what should have been a dream sequence but is in fact an actual meeting between God (Mark Harelik) and Tulip  (Ruth Negga). As expected, it is bizarre as hell and her reactions to his pronouncements though justified to an extent are well…insane…as good or not…this is in fact..God. Her calling him out on “just screwing around and not having an actual plan” rings true though his reaction allows he is who he says he is. The entire scene is over the top but is meant to reinforce that Tulip resents being deemed a “screw up” because of her heritage and is a force to be reckoned with. In this ep alone, she demonstrates rampant kickassery.

This ep was very much a tale of division, presented from three standpoints. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) actually knows who and what he is facing, having a brutal history with the L’Angells. His fearfully and nearly forcefully advising Tulip to stand down gives her pause as she, like Jesse is generally fearless. His attempt to barter and negotiate we know is doomed to fail. His being forced to drum up business to avoid re-activating “the Tombs” plays like we expect with even Jody (Jeremy Childs) appearing somewhat sympathetic. A moment between he and Jesse reveals an even stronger connection or bond that stands to play out monumentally.

Tulip’s arc involves trying to get Jesse out of his debt to Granma (Betty Buckley) by any means. Her moments with T.C. (Colin Cunningham) are creepy as hell but no less so than the strange connection that grows between him and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). Her attempt at seduction yields a story that puts things direly in perspective and pushes the horror aspect of this season powerfully. T.C. warns her that the only way to clear a debt with Granma is when she considers it paid. Her subsequent actions with the Boyds yield superior action and the revelation that they too aren’t to be trifled with.

The most tragic player of the ep however is Cassidy who is so love drunk regarding Tulip that he makes some epically awful decisions. Jesse attempts to broker some piece and restore their friendship. This attempt is misread by Cassidy who in turn plots against Jesse. Cass reaching out to Granma is akin to a fly having a friendly conversation with a spider. It is eerie and the viewer feels how one sided this meeting truly is. Jesse’s warning about how bad the L’Angells are fall on deaf ears with both Tulip and Cass. Cassidy however pays a higher toll and forces Jesse to make a fairly grim, horrible play.

The mood and pacing this season are so damn superior. Forty five minutes flies by and by the time you are so fully drawn into the lure, you realize the ep is done for the week. The end game illustrated in the ep’s denouement assures the viewer that the horrors have only just begun. Season III is formidable so far. Preacher remains gripping, troubling and simply outstanding.

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