Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold Tour- Live At Roger’s Centre

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Scratching yet another item off my bucket list, this trip was more of a family affair as my wife and I were accompanied by my nephew, a staunch, die hard Foo fan. Based on his enthusiasm, the future of rock n roll appreciation seems assured. I have reviewed and attended many concerts, particularly over the past decade or so…having seen Dave Matthews three times , I have seen how fantastic an organic, jam session talent fest of a concert can be. With the Foo Fighters, however, I witnessed greatness. Clocking in at an even three hours, and headed by Dave Grohl, this band set the new standard for rock n roll excellence and the notion that arena tours are still alive and well. Preceded by two solid opening acts, whose sounds clearly fit the broader pastiche of Foo Fighters brand rock n roll, nearly five hours of superior music was presented. Surprises abounded and a new # 1 in my all time favorite concert list became a certainty.

The set list was as follows:

  1. (Extended bridge)
  2. (with back-up vocal quartet –more Violet, Sam, Laura, and Barbara)
  3. (Extended outro)
  4. (Dave solo electric intro)
  5. (Alice Cooper cover) (Chris on vocals- prefaced bymore Guitar Solo + Stadium Guitar Solo)
  6. (Queen cover) (snippet)
  7. (mash-up – prefaced by Keyboard Solo)
  8. (Ramones cover)
  9. (Queen cover) (Dave on drums, Taylor as wellmore as Luke Spiller of The Struts on vocals)
  10. Monkey Wrench
  11. (with back-up vocal quartet)
  12. This Is a Call
  13. Best of You
  14. Encore:
  15. Big Me
  16. (Dedicated to Abigail)

The Beaches, an all female Canadian band were very good. They presented a runaways vibe but with better vocal work by Jordan Miller than the aforementioned band. The drum work by Eliza Enman-McDaniel was exceedingly solid and their 45 minute set gave one enough of a sample to want to learn more about them.

The Struts who had been absent from the rock scene after a fairly solid debut a few years back brought a mix of Mick Jagger Swagger and Freddy Mercury style flamboyance and showmanship via lead vocalist Luke Spiller. “Kiss This” and ‘Could Have Been Me” were definite high lights in their set list but it was all pretty solid. They got the crowd duly prepped for what was to come and it didn’t take to much prescience to figure out the lead singer would have a part to play in a later FF performance.

FF= magic. From the moment the band ran on stage with a blistering version of “All my Life”, the stage was set for an incredible evening. The banter was funny. The joy Dave Grohl brought was palpable with his jokingly saying he had a lot to give and hope we wanted all he had. We surely did. His promise to play something from every record they ever released was kept. The pure talent on this stage was undeniable. Grohl did some stellar guitar work and the drum work  overall by Taylor Hawkins was career defining. Grohl allowed his fellow band members to shine, pushing his lead guitarist Chris Shifflett to both play a “stadium rock solo” and sing Cooper’s “Under My Wheels”. Pat Smears’s “Blitzkreig Bob” by the Ramones got the audience into a fine punk roar.

The humor is never too far removed from this band, Their version of  an “Imagine/Jump” amalgam including due hilarious set up was so damn superior. Nate Mendel presented a tasty demonstration of his understated bass playing with a cool segment of “Another One Bites the Dust”. The event felt like a family affair, with Grohl acknowledging his 23 year history with Toronto. The venue was absolutely perfect allowing for exceptional views at any height and fantastic acoustics. The audience participation was a pre requisite and Grohl played to the audience like a king holding court. Regarding the show being a family affair, Grohl has included his eldest daughter Violet as part of his backing vocal ensemble beautifully presented via “The Sky is the Neighborhood” and new hit “Dirty Water” off of their latest album. (Check out YouTube performances featuring both. This young lady has a future particularly with her rock pedigree) There were so many hits, all of which dazzled, but ‘The Sky is the Neighborhood” certainly raised the roof. “Walk” might have been my personal favorite. The capper of my all time favorite, “Everlong” was the perfect ending to an unbelievable evening.

Foo Fighters are the gate keepers of rock n roll, earning their unofficial title as the world’s current greatest rock n roll band. They delivered an outstanding performance and left everyone with an evening of musical joy and good will that persisted well after the concert’s completion. Both Toronto and the Foo Fighters rock. Long may the Foos reign.

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