Preacher – Season III- Ep. 2 “Sonsabitches”: A Review

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Starting off with a flashback featuring a bit of backstory on Jesse (Will Kindrachuk) and the L’Angells, the story quickly switched to a high octane battle in Angelville involving both aspects of Custer’s life, past and present. Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) makes his return and everything Starr is golden. Both the creep factor and drama were upped in this run. My review follows below.

We learn about Jesse’s role in Granma’s (Betty Buckley) enterprise as he meets with a high school teacher with aspirations of being a vice principal. The heart of the problem is that he had a sexual encounter with a teen-aged girl and she is now obsessed with him. He wishes this to change, though doesn’t want the girl dead, just disinterested. Jesse advises him that his Granma has a spell for everything but if he wishes to proceed he must never miss a payment. As a viewer we pretty much know how this tale will end and the journey to said plot point is nothing new. It is the destination which ties in with Granma’s longevity and real evil that leaves an indelible mark. This side story is not filler. It’s re-visitation at the ep’s denouement gets to the heart of the episode, namely how badly trapped Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is as well as how formidable an adversary his grandmother truly is.

The family dynamic of Jesse’s trio was deeply fractured with last season’s conclusion. This appears to be the new normal as Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) is now openly hostile toward his friend after admitting he had sex with Tulip (Ruth Negga). Cassidy’s intentions are readily obvious as he wants nothing but to get Tulip away from Angelville and safe from Jesse. Jesse apologises to both but the damage is done.

Tulip lies to a degree about how much she remembers being dead, including the message she receives from God before coming back. TC (Colin Cunningham) attempts to gain Cassidy’s friendship and the awkwardness between the two is almost funny. TC’s point of entry is Cassidy’s love of drugs. The two commiserating about dreams leads to a rather bizarre story/fantasy by TC. Cassidy’s “tell me you’re the worst person here…” earns TC’s sheepish “definitely not”. TC is creepy as hell but there is probably much more rot lying beneath his sycophantic veneer.

Jody’s (Jeremy Childs) bonding with Tulip over guns is equally disturbing. Jody at least wears his evil on his sleeve. There is no mistaking him for a good person. Both men are ultimately Granma’s foot soldiers but far more. Granma’s asking Jesse to reopen the tombs to bring back business could not be any more dreadful. Buckley again kills with her performance mixing feeble reliance and  wilful strength with aplomb. Granma L’Angell stands to be a legendary small screen villain. Her actions against Jesse when she senses betrayal again confirm her power.

The theme of secrecy being people’s undoing informs many a show and movie. In this case, Jesse’s relationship with Herr Starr yields to his master plan’s undoing due to the growing mistrust within his group, currently nurtured by Cassidy who has his own agenda. When Tulip tells him she loves him-, clearly platonically -the dashed hope on Cassidy’s face is heartbreaking. Tulip exhibits tons of bad-assery as she gains a measure of payback against Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) as well as unleashing against the Boyds, a rival gang of voodoo spiritualists.

The return of Starr yields some zany, and funny moments,namely his incursion of a Hare Krishna temple and his attempt at conversion in the current Savior’s name. The later moments with Jesse are stellar as all moments between the two thus far have been. Jesse deems himself more militaristic-ly clever, but he really doesn’t know Starr as we do. Jesse’s end goal of eliminating all his enemies, and returning to his road trip with far more power than any mortal should have, is flawed. His plan’s execution, mired by the seeds of mistrust he has sown, lead to its failure.

Much got done with this run. Much potential was offered and with the show’s track record so far, the delivery is all but assured. With a steady burn approach, Preacher continues to demonstrate why it is a show well worth watching.

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