Preacher – Season II – Ep. 8 – “Holes”: A Review

Posted: 08/11/2017 in Uncategorized

After last week’s stellar “Pig” ep, this latest segment could not hope to hit such stratospheric heights. This run, however, did manage to present a more personal episode as regards Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) and Tulip (Ruth Negga). The need for a Cass centric episode is unquestionable and even the light taste of his backstory as involves Dennis (Ronald Guttman) was engaging leaving the viewer wanting more. Jesse continues his path to find God and the viewer learns how far the Grail’s reach extends. My opening comments offered, on to my review.

A good bulk of the ep featured a return to Hell to catch up on Eugene’s (Ian Colletti) attempted transformation into a bad buy. His exercise routine including the featuring of a prominent back tattoo naming “Tracy” as his “murder victim” follows him bullying a fellow inmate over a candy bar at a vending machine. Eugene’s act is just that as at heart he is the purest character on this show and that includes the three main protagonists. Hitler (Noah Taylor) sees through him even when Eugene tells him he’s the “evilest” person here. The fear of the “hole” acts as powerful motivation to not appear good. Despite appearing to be the “nicest” guy in hell, Hitler is crafty. He taunts Eugene and sets him up to illustrate his innate good. His stating “That was nice of you” while eyeing the camera brings the prison guards attention on Eugene and ends with him being tossed in the hole which they name ‘the extrapolator”. This aspect played well as yet again a pre scarred Eugene revisits the time that forever changed his life. He meets with the girl of his dreams, Tracy (Gianna Lepera), and a different outcome arises. A karaoke moment between the two ensues in which they sing a decent version of Semisonic’s “Closing Time”. The viewer however knows this is just a feint for what is yet to come and that what follows will be horrible. The scene does not disappoint as Tracy tells Eugene he should have told her how he felt earlier as she is now promised to God. God’s ‘representative’ and the moments that ensue are disturbing to both Eugene and the viewer and escalates the already deep resentment felt by him for being unjustly placed in Hell.

The notion of someone not “belonging” is brought forth with due menace. Hitler’s masterstroke is about to occur as he commiserates with Eugene and discusses the potential for escape. Considering the potential of being permanently housed in the “hole”, Eugene’s options are few. This arc has grown deeply interesting and is not overused so that the viewer remains interested and wonders how it will play out.

There is a bit of movement on the Grail aspect as we again meet Jesse’s ‘mystery woman’ Lara (Julie Ann Emery) covertly observing the trio. Tulip’s attempt to eliminate all traces of the Saint’s damage results in a meeting and illustrates how quickly Lara thinks on her feet. Her chameleon like physical quick change is mirrored by an equally adept back story. She will be one to watch this season. The reach of the Grail is insidious as Jesse’s attempt to obtain information of the shooter of the God actor reveals.

The hard edged, emotionally terse veneer presented by Tulip leads to a rather sad moment as Cassidy attempts to explain the downside of vampirism after Denis (Ronald Guttman)  makes a heart breaking request of him. An earlier flashback scene in which Cassidy sings an inappropriate lullaby to his newborn son sets the tone as he promises to be the best dad a boy could have and we know he fails horribly at this. As he wrestles with making the right decision and reaches out to Tulip for empathy he states: “pain still hurts, drugs don’t work, going to the beach is a no-no, you’ll be stuck watching the deaths of everybody you love.” Lost in her own struggle, she brusquely replies, “Yep, that sucks.” This sub arc of father and son is kicked up a notch via a phone call in which the unknown caller refers to Cassidy as “Proncias” and counsels him against making the wrong decision regarding Denis.

A lot of good, as always, was put forth. Only 5 episodes remain and the inevitable crossing of paths between Jesse’s crew and the Grail stands to be something formidable. The Saint (Graham MacTavish) is out of bounds for now and the God’s whereabouts remain tragically out of reach. Jesse’s act of prayer illustrates the depth of his desperation and sets the tone for the remaining act of season 2. Preacher remains simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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