Death Wish – The Remake….

Posted: 08/06/2017 in Uncategorized


Death Wish: remake gets a first trailer

Bruce Willis stars in the forthcoming remake of the revenge thriller, Death Wish. Here’s a first trailer…


It amuses me that the same environment that craps on fantasy and superhero genre films come up with a franchise whose best days ended after Death Wish 1. Ah well, Bruce Willis and Vince Dinofrio? I’ll probably check it out:) REC

When Charles Bronson starred as the vengeful architect Paul Kersey in 1974’s Death Wish, he helped kick off a franchise that lasted for well over a decade. And now, thanks to director Eli Roth, the franchise is back with a new Paul Kersey – this time played by Bruce Willis, in full-on grump mode.

The big twist this time is that Kersey’s a surgeon rather than an architect. When dreadful things happen to his wife and daughter, Kersey takes to the streets in a hoody and becomes a gun-wielding harbinger of death. Because the new Death Wish is directed by Roth, Kersey also uses his medical skills to inflict creative and horrendous damage on his victims…

Death Wish also stars Dean Norris and Vincent D’Onofrio, and it’s due out in American cinemas on the 22nd November. How bad can it be?


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