New Animated Suicide Squad Film Announced

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New Suicide Squad Animated Movie Announced

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay will be set in the shared continuity of DC’s recent animated movies.

News Mike Cecchini (Den of Geek)

Jul 22, 2017

The screening of Batman and Harley Quinn at San Diego Comic-Con was an eventful one. Not only did they unveil the latest animated DC Universe Original Movie to a crowd of devoted fans, they announced their next three projects. The first, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, will arrive in early 2018 (we have all the details on that one right here). The third will be a two-part adaptation of the Death of Superman.

But in between we’re going to get Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. Unlike the other two announced projects, which are adaptations of existing DC Comics, this one will tell a completely original story.

There are two different tracks with DC’s line of animated films. On the one hand, you have the ones that operate within a shared continuity (Justice League: War, Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis, etc), and those that do not. While some of the ones that share continuity are also adaptations (sometimes loose ones) of existing comic book stories, it’s not always the case. Then there are the ones (like The Killing Joke, and the aforementioned Gotham by Gaslight and Death of Superman) that are strictly standalone.

While the Suicide Squad have been the subject of one other DC Universe Original movie (2014’s Batman: Assault on Arkham), that one was a standalone film set in the continuity of the immensely popular Arkham video games. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay will be the team’s first venture into the animated shared continuity.

Note: the image at the top of this article comes from Assault on Arkham, and isn’t an image from the upcoming film.

No voice cast has been announced. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay will arrive in Spring 2018.



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