David Ramsey & Finn Jones

Posted: 05/29/2017 in Uncategorized


Cool pic for an event that could never happen:) REC

PHOTO: John Diggle From ‘Arrow’ & Iron Fist Meet Up

The “rivalry” between both Marvel Comics and DC Comics has existed throughout the majority of our lifetimes. Brand loyalty has always been part of the fun when it comes to showcasing one’s love for certain characters, but the dichotomy between the two companies isn’t as negative as some of the crazier fans online have shown often. In fact, Arrow star David Ramsey and Iron Fist star Finn Jones recently showcased that there are no hard feelings between Marvel and DC television – although they both would like to duel against each other as their characters.

At Puerto Rico Comic Con, Ramsey and Jones met up. In a photo that would make fans of both Marvel and DC television squeal, we see both John Diggle and Iron Fist side-by-side.

The photo was posted on Ramsey’s official Instagram account. The Arrow star even expressed a desire for a fight between both the Spartan and Iron Fist. You can see the photo down below:

https://www.instagram.com/p/BUkfEwRg-Db/embed/captioned/?cr=1&v=7#%7B%22ci%22%3A0%2C%22os%22%3A2900.9950000000003%7DIn a different world, we would see the Arrowverse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Netflix shows crossover in some way to allow this dream fight to happen. Perhaps Barry Allen can find a way to bridge the universes together so we can see Spartan vs. Iron Fist.

Arrow aired its season five finale this week. You can read Andy Behbakht’s recap of the finale here.

Iron Fist will next be seen alongside Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage when all episodes of Marvel’s The Defenders are available to stream on Netflix on August 18, 2017.

Source: Instagram


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