Arrow- Season V- Ep. 22 “Missing”: A Review

Posted: 05/22/2017 in Uncategorized


Everything is coming full circle on Arrow, as promised by show runners Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and of course current beacon of hope for DC, Geoff Johns. The notion of the final meeting of past and present is ably presented in this latest run. Pacing, performances and a solid flashback arc allowing for a proper shout out to the past made this penultimate episode a perfect set up for the season finale next week. Arrow remains on point on delivering as good a season as its peak runs with 1 and 2.

The key with Season 5 has been consistency. Rarely stumbling, the show has found itself more on solid ground. There is still a tiny chance they might stick the landing with the finale,as was the case with the Darhk showdown last year, but it is not likely. The key to Arrow now is focus. The sense of giving the fans what they want is palpable. The opening segment in which the team celebrates is earned but Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) hesitation to truly allow himself a due moment’s peace is understandable. Having seen Chase/Prometheus’ (Josh Segerra) smirk in last week’s end segment, we are well aware he isn’t done.

Having defeated their enemy, the team gets together for a quick birthday celebration for Oliver. Missing from the festivities are Dinah (Juliana Harkavy ) and Rene (Rick Gonzlez). After the no show at the hearing to regain custody of his daughter, Quentin (Paul Blackthorne) is irritated  at Rene,with a trace of concern. The concern proves valid as Curtis (Echo Kellum) goes in search of Dinah. Throughout his party, Oliver never seems fully at ease and even with the hint at rekindling his relationship with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), he senses something is wrong. The implementation of Prometheus’ last act kicks the show up a notch as Oliver learns that his team mates are being taken. The “fifty steps ahead” aspect of Chase/Prometheus needs some addressing as regardless of how smart he might be, or well trained, he is still intensely unstable and simply knows too much.

Even Oliver’s acting against his instincts, by breaking up the remaining members of his team plays into Chase’s hands. Chase too has been team building. The return of Black Siren (Katie Cassidy), partnered up with Artemis (Madison McLaughlin) leads to some hard moments for Quentin as he sees only his daughter’s face. As Cassidy’s role as full time cast has been confirmed next season, her role until next week’s season ender stands to be integral. Her words to Quentin might a head game or something of a more redemptive arc. Artemis/Evelyn Sharpe is too far gone. Talia (Alexa Doig) makes Chase’s group even more formidable as she reinforces her presence with her own league of assassins acolytes.

What is deeply frustrating to me is the current “need to know now” mindset currently pervading all media. Oliver’s attempts at reinforcement are already known to an extent and should have remained a mystery for as long as possible. It certain would have helped the last end segment scene have the emotional punch it deserves as GA recruits his last team member. Oliver partnering up with Malcolm (John Barrowman) always plays well. Merlyn is superb. From his fighting techniques and sheer ruthlessness to his hard line ‘teachable moments’, he is the frenemy Green Arrow both needs and deserves. Honestly the final season/sequence of this show should feature the former Dark Archer and Green Arrow facing down in an ultimate battle. This probably won’t happen so any screen time between the two is at least some form of reward. The third member of Oliver’s team and the potential ramifications of a battle with Talia  will unquestionably be something superior.

The highlight of the episode is Chase’s manipulating GA to give him exactly what he wants, endangering his freedom in the process as he engages at least three police officers in his civilian identity. The fight sequences during the prison transfer segment were vintage Arrow. The final destination and end game are given light and preceded by a great tie in via Kovar’s (Dolph Lundgren) capture/torture sequence of Oliver in Lian Yu. Everything has come full circle and the finale stands to deliver on the promise put forth since the first episode of season I. Arrow remains simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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