Brolin Training for Deadpool II

Posted: 05/15/2017 in Uncategorized

Deadpool 2: Josh Brolin Training for Cable Role in New Photo

But with a contract that attaches him to the role for multiple films, it looks like Brolin’s place in the X-Men cinematic universe is already a done deal for the foreseeable future. Brolin didn’t waste any time expressing his enthusiasm towards the role or joining the highly-anticipated Deadpool sequel following the overwhelming success of the first film last year.

On his official Instagram account today, Brolin gave fans a small look at the physical training he’s going through in preparation for the role. Teasing that “the machine is being built” along with the rageful, time-traveling aspects of the Nathan Summers character, Brolin appears to be throwing himself into the Cable character with everything he has. Check out the photo for yourself down below:

Now, in addition to Deadpool 2, Brolin is expected to have a role to play in the already announced X-Force movie and other possible X-Men spin-offs sometime down the line. That means his portrayal of Cable is going to have to be a big hit for Fox’s Marvel franchise in order to make the fans want to continue following his interpretation of the character along into non-Deadpool movies.

Whether Brolin’s iteration of Cable goes off with flying colors or not will have to wait to be seen for the time being, but anytime an actor is this visibly invested in the character they’re playing, it comes as some added comfort for even the most skeptical of fans. Considering that a Cable and Deadpool face off has been something fans were asking for since before the first Deadpool film was even released, it’s fair to say that Deadpool 2 has some mighty high expectations to live up to on that front alone. Luckily, getting one of the best actors working today to play the time-traveling merc certainly isn’t a bad first step to achieving that goal.


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