Flash – Season III – Ep. 20 “I Know Who You Are”: A Review

Posted: 05/05/2017 in Uncategorized


Well. The show runners had one chance to get it right. How this episode played out would frame how the season will end and overall determine if this was a good season. Personally, I have found it an uneven stretch. There have been some eps that were terrific, others a mixed bag and some well…just okay. This ep would present the reveal implied in the title. So…did it stand or fall? My review provides my opinion on the matter.

Two words. “It delivered.” When you break time to spend time with your murdered parent, there are consequences. This whole season has been about consequences. The Flash point arc which seemed to end all too quickly in fact has paid dividends of pain all the way through. The recipient of the worst of it has been presented as Caitlin Snow now seemingly doomed to be Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker). Now a willing acolyte of Savitar, she is an absolute threat to her former team mates. The presentation of her abilities was 5 star including her chase through Central City using a method of travel that would have played equally well on big screen.

There are numerous hints as to Savitar’s identity and if you think it through, there is only one conclusion. His reference to himself as ‘”the first” is a huge hint. Last week’s smiling acceptance of Frost when he revealed himself to her was a feint, a MacGuffin, but the follow through with a moment between Frost and Flash which hearkened to the classic Observers in the sci-fi classic Fringe, gave yet another hint. This show however is as much about the journey as it is the reveal. The origin story of Savitar stands to be mind blowing particularly with his willingness to take so much from Barry (Grant Gustin).

There is no waste with this episode. Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet) the city DA professes her feelings for Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and his reaction is expected. Anybody who has been in a similar situation has got to have a little sympathy for Cecile. Considering how most romances play out on this type of programming a little bit of fear is equally apt. Barry’s “share your secrets” mindset is nice, but a later moment pushes us to understand Joe’s point of view. Funnily enough the “Joe-ment” of the night comes from Barry.

The other potentially romantic moment comes from the still exceedingly annoying HR (Tom Cavanaugh) whose obsession with Caitlin’s potential replace…err potential mvp in the battle against Savitar, Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek), comes off as stalker-ish and creepy. Brand per future Flash will create a containment device to contain Savitar eternally. This version is young, nervous,unsettled and contemplating working at a fast food location after losing her university research funding. Enter Barry, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and of course HR to ‘expedite’ her academic ascension. The end result is her understandably becoming more rattled. The attempt on her life by Frost doesn’t help matters. Honestly, telling someone with a history of failure that they will be a Nobel prize winner and jamming in that she is their only hope of preventing someone’s death goes down as it should. She bolts and HR encourages her nicely…while creepily suggesting they get together. A cool Cyrano De Bergarac moment occurs earlier via HR initially speaking with her in a line up at Jitters with Cisco providing him with proper scientific information to engage her attention and avoid the usual missteps and blather that are standard HR.

The Frost ascension or decline plays extremely well. I think regardless how the Savitar showdown plays out, Caitlin seems lost and a powerful and ruthless enemy… or ‘rogue’ is gained. A moment between Savitar and her in which he challenges her for failing to kill Brand initially may or may not be an attempt to offer a slim hope to those who want Caitlin’s return to the fold. Her actions with Flash, including stabbing him in his leg, citing that she stabbed the “other one” last time, along with her willingness to hurt Cisco/Vibe shows that while she hasn’t officially incorporated the “killer” aspect of her character, she is well  on her way. Cisco’s hesitation to fight Caitlin drags on a little too long and leads to some heated debate with Julian (Tom Felton) which adds to the tension. There are moments in which it appears he may share the fate of his future self but ultimately he does what he has to. Fight sequences between Vibe and Frost continue to dazzle with superior visuals.

Barry’s intelligence is once more terrifically highlighted as he figures out Savitar’s identity on his own, pulling the pieces together in a logical manner. Flash’s running to engage him directly face to face shows how far he has come as a hero and leader. The ep closes off spectacularly with the identity reveal and the two enemies confronting each other. Next week will provide the origin story of Savitar I should think and honestly, unless the finale landing is somehow ‘stuck’, Flash Season III is well on its way to redemption. It now is assuredly simply outstanding and well worth your time.

Funny thing, every time I hear the name Savitar, the Beastie Boys classic runs rampant in my head. Replace “Sabotage” with Savitar and you have an ear worm folks. My wife thinks I am easily amused:)


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