I Am Not A Dr. Who Fan But This Casting Rumor Would Be An Awesome Reality:)

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Kris Marshall as Doctor Who? Fans react to rumoured casting

Colin Frizzell as Dr. Who…booyah:) REC

Can you see Kris Marshall as the next Doctor? If your answer is an emphatic “absolutely not”, you’re not alone.

Yesterday, after an unconfirmed rumour that Marshall had been cast in Doctor Who hit the internet – the original source seems to have been a Daily Mirror article, quoted online in the Daily Star – a number of fans of the BBC series took to Twitter to share their wrath (for “wrath”, read “mild disappointment”).

please please please don’t cast kris marshall as the doctor we don’t need another weird young doctor gimme a woman or another older doctor

I just remember Kris Marshall as the dopey big brother on My Family, so my hope for Doctor Who diminishes (if rumours are true)

?…as in the creepy guy from ..is the new ? That is such an awful thing to do to this show!!

Some were upset that the BBC hadn’t made a riskier decision, but had again opted for a white male actor.

A comment from an unconfirmed source in The Mirror story may have added grist to their mill.

Kris Marshall? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Kris Marshall is confirmed to be the next doctor and I don’t know how to feel + isn’t it high time we get a poc to play the doctor????

 According to the newspaper, the source said: “Kris Marshall has already joined the cast and will regenerate at the end of this series, not in the Christmas special.

“They won’t risk a woman Doctor. They want a David Tennant type.”

Kris Marshall as Kelvin in Ugly Lies The Bone
Kris Marshall as Kelvin in Ugly Lies The Bone CREDIT: ALASTAIR MUIR

Others, naturally (for this is the internet where all people can say all things) declared themselves delighted with the alleged casting.

While many remember Marshall  for the sitcom My Family and his role as the juvenile, sex-obsessed Colin in Love Actually, the 44-year-old is in fact a fine dramatic actor, regularly pulling in audiences for the BBC detective series Death In Paradise.

I have to say, Kris Marshall would be a brilliant Doctor Who.

I don’t understand everyone hating on Kris Marshall. He’s a fantastic actor, and would be brilliant.

The Telegraph’s Ben Lawrence also recently praised the star for his strong performance in the play Ugly Lies The Bone, which is playing at the Lyttelton at the National Theatre until June 6.

If the rumours about being the next Doctor Who prove true, then the Doctor will finally be ginger (and I think he’d be great)

That said, a number of fans remain convinced that the Marshall news will prove to be false, with some suggesting that it could be a deliberate decoy.

Hoping the Kris Marshall rumour is a red herring and that he is the companion for a female

Kris Marshall will be a false regeneration. Probably a third Master trying to trick Bill. Heard it here first.

If 13th Doctor is Kris Marshall, great, but could be a clever decoy.Forget about regeneration enjoy @Pearlie_mack & Peter Capaldi

A claim that the Doctor will regenerate at the end of the current series, something which the BBC has previously denied, is also proving divisive.

While the trailer for the 2017 season of the show appeared to show Peter Capaldi’s Doctor regenerating, the BBC has also said that the actor will return for this year’s Christmas special.


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