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Posted: 04/11/2017 in Uncategorized

Bosch Season 3 sneak preview

Bosch season 3 trailer introduces a new world of murder and dirty cops


Bosch, one of Amazon’s most popular original series, is returning for season 3 next month — and EW has the exclusive first look at the new trailer.

Titus Welliver returns as crime-solving LAPD detective Harry Bosch, but it’s a new world for him after solving the mystery behind his mother’s death. Now there’s a new murder on his hands: Bystanders claim a cop threw a man off a balcony to his death, and Bosch is a suspect.

All of a sudden, he has fewer people in his corner. Even his partner, Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector), is suspicious of him. “You won’t see me comin’ till it’s over,” Bosch says in the footage. Also returning are Amy Aquino and Lance Reddick.

Bosch season 3 doesn’t premiere until April 21, but Amazon already greenlit the series for a fourth season. “I want to thank everyone who has watched the first two seasons and ridden along with us,” creator Michael Connelly tweeted at the time. “Thanks to you we get to do it again.”

Watch the season 3 trailer above.


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