This Is Just Odd….

Posted: 03/22/2017 in Uncategorized


Smeagol. Cyndi Lauper. Since time immemorial, these two icons of pop culture have stood apart from one another — but today, they have finally combine forces for the mash-up we’ve all been demanding.

Okay, okay! I’ll stop fooling around. In all seriousness, this new video by viral YouTube sensationIan Walters is simultaneously the most grotesque and the most gorgeous “Time After Time” cover I’ve ever heard. You’d think a centuries-old Stoorish hobbit would lose his ear for harmony after being twisted and corrupted by the One Ring Of Power, but you’d be wrong. Guess being stuck in a cave talking to yourself is a wonderful way to keep your vocal pipes in good health.


Like almost everything on the internet, this breathtakingly hilarious video was created to promote a Kickstarter project: Walters is currently attempting to fund his first full-length album under the moniker “Headphone Hair.” As of this writing, he only has a few thousand more dollars to raise with ten more days to go. And Headphone Hair’s music is… actually really good? As the description of Headphone Hair’s first EP, If This Means You…, suggests, it sounds “a lot like if Bombay Bicycle Club hugged Sufjan so hard that Andrew Bird popped out of his hoodie pocket like a little marsupial.”

Like, if I caught this on song on the radio and had no idea it came from a guy who’s internet famous for his Gollum impression, I would definitely seek out more of his music online. The Gollum thing would just be a nice bonus.


Featured Image and GIF Credit: New Line Cinema


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