Iron Fist -A Brief Commentary

Posted: 03/19/2017 in Uncategorized


Reviews of this show have thus far been pretty venomous. I am 5 in and finding it a completely different animal from its predecessors. I am also finding it thus far quite engaging. I do not see the reasoning behind the harsh reviews I have read. I am especially irritated by the use of the terms “white savior” and “cultural appropriation”as such negative phrasing shows an alarming lack of knowledge of the character and his origins. Danny Rand/Iron Fist is a caucasian character and has been so since inception. Wishing him to be of other ethnicity diverges from the vision of his creators, Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. The show has been slammed for everything from pacing to performances with lead Finn Jones getting quite a bit of a hammering. Iron Fist is different. It is its own thing. When I have fully viewed the series I will present an opinion and it will not be based on what I think the character should look like. Jeez.


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