LOT – Season II – Ep. 13 “Land of the Lost”: A Review

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LOT returns to form with this ep. We ended off with Rip (Arthur Darvill) now in custody revealing he still had access to Gideon and opened with his taking the ship from the Legends.  Rip’s villainous turn continued to have punch as he destroys the artifact that can lead the group to Nate’s grandfather, Commander Steel/Henry Heywood (Matthew MacCaull). Overall, LOT presented a solid run, washing away the bad taste of the lost opportunity of “Camelot 3000”. Now…  on to my review.

This latest segment took place on two levels: the physical and the psychic. Now marooned in the Cretaceous period, where Ray (Brandon Routh) had been stranded previously, the team breaks up into two groups: one to fetch a mechanical component left behind to restart the stranded and damaged Waverider, the other a journey within the mind of Rip to ‘recalibrate’ him to his former self.

Both journeys presented good moments, though the first at the ongoing expense of Ray Palmer/Atom. Amaya (Maise Richardson-Sellers), Nate (Nick Zano) and Ray make their way to recover a component to re-enable the Waverider. The growing consciousness and personality of Gideon (Amy Pemberton) has played well this season with the A.I. bantering with  the crew and taking exception to Nate’s smartass comment about her aiding Rip. The character later gets an actual personification via a journey within Rip’s mind which was quite cool.  The Cretaceous period arc was fluffier than the mind trip portion, but still had some good moments. The notion that Amaya and Nate’s romance is not cooling brings a bit of hopefulness to the series. Though there is a great amount of levity with L.O.T., there has yet to be a successful relationship. Ray appears in his big game hunter apparel and generally plays the fool but once this is cast aside his one on one with Nate reveals some hard earned depth of character. Ray’s own failed romance within his team has given him keen insight. That he has met Amaya’s descendant, the heroine Vixen (Megalyn Echickunwoke) brings strength to his counsel and argument. Nate however is not Ray. He is depicted as an idealized version of Ray. He is funny as hell and the fact that he makes the decision he does after learning the future kind of makes us pull for him all the more. Amaya earns moment of the evening for her turn with the T-Rex Gertrude. The CGI rendering was top shelf and for Nate’s use of the word “badassery” alone, this ep delivered.

The journey within portion was equally good. That the suggestion of how to reach and ‘repair’ Rip comes from Rory (Dominic Purcell) played exceedingly well. That Rory’s Time Master knowledge allows him to know something technological that the professor does not is a running gag and as Stein has been turned into a pompous gasbag of late, Rory’s mockery has kick. The pairing of Sara (Caity Lotz) and Jax (Franz Drameh) make their way in as they have both experienced a deeper personal connection with the former captain than the others. Their encountering their doppelgangers revealing that in Rip’s fractured mind he doesn’t know friends from enemies led to some very good moments. The Sara vs. Sara fighting brought forth the fight choreography we have come to expect from the multi disciplined martial artist and dancer. Jax vs. Firestorm was mired only by inferior CGI, though still had proper effect namely determining if he could stand against his powered self.

While the return of ‘good Rip’ was inevitable, his battle within and shared moment with Gideon was earnest. That she is more than simply his AI and probably his truest friend culminates in a personal moment between the two. I am a little disappointed to see a change in the Legends’ dynamic as honestly the status quo under Sara was very good. Having a female led super hero series was refreshing, but as the ultimate show down stems from what Rip knows and has set in action regarding the Spear of Destiny, we’ll just have to go with it. Series 2 has thus far done a superior job presenting a more even season with an expanding cast and universe. The end sequence opens the field to another cool run next week along with the assurance that LOT is still simply outstanding and well worth your time.

Line of the night goes to Sara Lance for noting that while there are evil versions of the team  in Rip’s mind…”Rory’s just Rory…”



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