Walking Dead Season 7 – Ep. 12 “Say Yes”: A Review

Posted: 03/08/2017 in Uncategorized


In easily the most emotionally powerful episode this season, WD takes us on a road trip with the King and Queen of the Apocalypse. This episode brought something not seen for quite some time – romance. The plot was engaging and seeing two of the most capable characters on the show in a relaxed state was refreshing. There were nonetheless some hair- raising moments, and of course focus was maintained on the inevitable rise against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his Saviors. Now… on to my review.

The mood of the episode was carefree bordering on mania. Seeing Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Guirira) having an adventure was kind of liberating. That Rick kept pushing for “one more day” was telling. The title “Say Yes” becomes a mantra of sorts regarding different manners of agreements. The duo takes a road trip and seeks out guns and supplies. The guns they seek to broker the participation of the Heapsters in their efforts against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).  This was a very different episode, presenting mostly Rick and Michonne’s perspectives.  We see them run through various homes dispatching walkers as needed and collecting scant supplies. When they stumble on to a fair ground/carnival; the game changes completely.

The carefree manner in which they behave, including their mad laughter as they fall through a roof while spotting a potential pay load of what they need at an impromptu military site is deeply earned. It is a cool callback to an episode a few seasons back in which the outcomes were less favorable.  That they land on bedding adds to the zaniness of the episode. The two ‘hoovering’ into a rationed kraft dinner/chili combo meal was excellent. We do not begrudge them their moments, as we know what lies ahead  is potentially both sorrowful and horror-laden. Watching the two of them simply ‘being’ presents the hope needed for what they are about to do. Rick’s manner is joyful but somewhat of a feint. When he asks Michonne to say “yes” to spending more time outside looking for supplies, he is actually asking her for both respite and to join him as his partner. While no direct proposal is uttered, his declaration that he could only rule with her at his side is the perfect response to her questioning him about leading ‘after’ it’s all over .Their relationship has occurred organically and glacially so that its fruition is duly savored.

Their discovery of a jackpot of items of course does not come easily but the path they take is a matter of choice. Upon discovering the food and ammo, they could easily have headed back to their group and brought reinforcements to clear the field of walkers. Their choosing to do it themselves was a wee bit crazy as while the two are unquestionably the most capable warriors in this universe, they are still human and that aspect of their mission is gamely illustrated in a heart racing sequence later. The performances given by both actors are Oscar level. Watching them recognize how deeply they care for one another is given light by Rick’s opening up completely to Michonne regarding his sleeplessness and guilt harbored within from the incident that cost them two of their group. Her action when she assumes the worst regarding his fate was astounding along with her rising up afterward. The revelation of how deeply she cares for him makes Rick’s pressing her for an oath to lead in his stead should he fall, all the more powerful. Such an insular episode involving characters we have grown to know illustrates how this is not simply a horror genre show. As I have said numerous times, it’s about people and it is deeply engaging.

The Rosita (Christian Serratos) arc is poor. Mired in guilt, as she should be to a degree for the abduction of Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and the death of Olivia (Ann Mahoney), she opts to externalize and lash out at Father Gabe (Seth Gillam). Father Gabe’s transformation from snivelling traitor to zen like counselor to all is something to behold. He deflects her anger and tells her he takes full accountability for keeping her alive as she is needed. Her lack of faith is at the heart of her problems. Her thinking she can take on the world and be successful is short sighted. Her bringing in an ally for a suicide mission can lead only to graver consequences for everyone. The Alexandrians’ moment with the Heapsters in which Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) attempts to alter the terms of their agreement, however, is unquestionably the catalyst to push her in a dark direction.

So much went on with this run, and most of  it was good. With a mere four episodes to go, the approaching end game stands to change the face of the New World once more. WD remains, indisputably – simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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