Flash – Season III – Ep. 14 – “Attack On Central City”: A Review

Posted: 03/02/2017 in Uncategorized


Maintaining the traction set by last week’s run to Earth Two’s Gorilla City, “Attack On Central City” nicely caps off this two part event bringing in additional characters and steady plot development in one fell swoop. High level action informed this ep along with the dueling Wells aspect which worked unquestionably. Angry gorillas in battle regalia – Check. We have the subtle introduction of another hero via a quick moment with guest star Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) – check. A good overall run that allowed for a strong payoff for a long time arc and paid homage to the lore from which the fastest man alive originates- check and mate. Happily, I press on to my review.
We open with the team rejoicing in their recent victory and the notion that HR (Tom Cavanaugh) might be the grandest of idiots. Hilariously, Harry Wells (Cavanaugh) acts as our voice, repeatedly calling HR a moron and rudely “flavoring” the lesser version’s coffee in a laugh out loud moment. The Valentine’s Day aspect played well and as Barry (Grant Gustin) has earned his moments with Iris (Candice Patton), we pull for these two. We also know that as with all holiday episodes for this show, there is something horrible lying in wait. The appearance of Gypsy in Grodd’s (David Sobolov) thrall yields some tense moments as well as a demonstration of how powerful she is. The conflict resolution comes at Harry’s hands…or gun and we are off. The knowledge that Grodd is in Central City with an army sets the tone for the remainder of the episode. Seeing his army with him at its head fully armored was pretty damn epic. The rendering of Grodd and his people was superior to last week’s run. I am frequently inclined to compliment the show/network for making much budget wise of far less than the big four.
The notion that Grodd’s mind is ultimately his weapon is terrifically presented throughout the episode, including a holy eff sequence in which he mentally takes Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) hostage and challenges even the Flash’s speed with his action. Grodd’s army was very much a feint, a last resort as needed. This villain is cerebral and his plans in this episode were variegated. While attacking on one front, he covertly moves on another. His plan of destroying Central City elevates him from self-proclaimed animal to genocidal maniac. The revelation that the Flash considers Grodd’s “kill or be killed” mentality as an option shows how desperate he has become.
Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gains further cred as a hero in this run both for the demonstration of his abilities and his pushing his connection with Gypsy to elicit her help in finding an alternative stance to killing Grodd. Here again, the return of Harry as both mentor to Cisco and Barry delivers. His bolstering Cisco’s ‘vibing’ and encouraging Barry to not take the path he once took proves that regardless what series is in play, there must always be a Wells involved…just not HR. The HR ‘well meaning imp who occasionally helps out by sheer luck or guess work’ still provides one of the weaker aspects of this season.
The second weakness is the ‘relationship’ between Wally/Kid Flash (Kieynan Lonsdale) and Jessie Quick (Violet Beane). Wally asks her to stay. She is concerned at her father’s reaction and is surprised how well he takes it and states her happiness is his main concern. His later action with Wally was a little mean, but ultimately he is Harrison Wells this is his only child. The dynamic for these two again seems forced to me. Is her life back home so blasé that she can just pick up and be with someone she barely knows? I would add, does Central City need another speedster but with the threat of Savitar, but it probably does.
What made for a superior run, however, was the set up and delivery of Grodd’s incursion. One expects a five star battle from Team Flash against hundreds of gorillas. Instead, we get the demonstration that Barry is also very intelligent. His play makes the affair more insular between two opponents in an arena that is more likely to present a diplomatic departure versus bloodshed. The gorilla fight sequences were top tier.
This ep was easily one of the season’s best featuring the return of the superior Harry and the re-emphasis of the idea that this is indeed an ensemble show. The end sequence features a well acted moment between Barry and Iris in which the promise of this long term romance’s fulfillment is teased. An end sequence featuring Wally getting Jessie a ‘big belly burger’ sets ominous traction toward the very thing the group has striven to prevent. Flash “Attack on Central City” capped off a two-parter splendidly well, demonstrating the show is still outstanding and well worth your time.


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