LOT – Season II – Ep. 12 “Camelot 3000”: A Review

Posted: 02/23/2017 in Uncategorized


LOT’s Camelot 3000 episode was not awful. That’s pretty much the best I can muster with this one. Featuring a trip back to the medieval age in the court of King Arthur, this ep should have been superb. With a combination of revisionist tropes and hammy performances this ep instead became a fall from grace, hearkening to the lesser episodes of season 1. My disappointed opening delivered, on to my review.

Let’s start with Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh). Good Lord, this character has fallen so far from his initial promising start as to embrace clownish territory. Gone is the man of action, the billionaire inventor who heroically built a mechanical suit to protect Star City and make a difference. Instead, we have a man-child whose naivete is far removed from endearing. His obsession with Camelot, unlike his fascination with Star Wars and George Lucas which banked off Nate’s (Nick Zano) own fanboy glee, just made him appear foolish. I understand that as the show does not take itself too seriously, there can be an occasional descent into camp – but this was more of a fall than a descent.

The opening segment featuring Charles McNider/Dr. Midnite (Patrick J. Adams) now in the year 3000 working as a scientist played well. The notion of what happened to the JSA in their final mission gets some proper coverage with this run, albeit with mixed results. McNider’s meeting with Rip (Arthur Darvill) still enjoying his turn as a bad guy introduces the former Captain’s long game, namely the plan of scattering various sections of the spear of destiny in different time lines. McNider’s being unaware of Rip’s turn to the Legion leads the team on a quest for another piece, in fabled Camelot.

So far so good…  Nate (Nick Zano) kvetching about the lack of historical accuracy in the team’s knightly apparel as he dresses more “accurately” yields a funny moment as Amaya/Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) asks him why he dresses like a leper. Upon encountering knights in the forest Ray calls out and asks to meet with the King. Nate bashes Ray’s accent but the group are allowed access while the lead knight asks “the leper” to stay out.  Again, so far so good…

Upon the lead knight removing her helmet, we learn she is both Arthur’s wife, and first in command, Guinevere (Elyse Levesque). Had her acting not been so wooden, we might have gained some level of investment in her character. Sadly it was…and sadly we do not. Equally uninspiring was the King himself, Arthur (Nils Hognestad) who easily fell  to the Black Knight aka Damian Darhk (Neal McDonough) who clearly was having the time of his life at least.

Ray’s energy is meant to be infectious as he cites his childhood fascination with Camelot. Instead, it comes off as manic and a little bit crazy. “Ray of the Palms” indeed. The introduction/reinvention of Merlin as Stargirl  of the JSA (Sara Grey) was equally poor. While Vixen has connected with both a core audience and as an important member of the legends, the JSA in civilian mode falters again due to poor performance. The notion of Stargirl “adapting” history to create the Knights, and conceal the piece of the spear, was interesting but begs the question as to how much credulity is to be suspended when the rewriting of time via aberrations is seen as damaging and a problem that warrants addressing except when it doesn’t.

One of the few saving graces was Martin Stein (Victor Garber) getting hilariously “depantsed” by Jax (Franz Drameh) and Rory (Dominic Purcell) via learning that the mind controlling bit of tech used by Rip to ‘overwrite’ King Arthur and his knights’ programming could be hijacked by the pyromaniac’s stronger will and overwhelming mental conflicts. Rory’s “sniffing” that the Stein stole something earlier was duly funny along with his gleeful comment “there’s hope for you yet”.

Ray’s battle with Damian, complete with Ray’s “saber of light” was a funny shout out to Star Wars, but failed to deliver much given Nate’s earlier prediction via his revised history book. Really despite some humorous volleys, this ep fell flat. Sara Lance…a lot…really? Such a missed opportunity considering the potential 80s source material. The end segment however does provide a good set up as well as the acknowledgement that Rip, despite his setback via Darhk, is still a player in the long term game.  This latest run however was certainly not outstanding or worth much of your time.

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