L.O.T.- Season II – Ep. 10 “Legion of Doom” : A Review

Posted: 02/02/2017 in Uncategorized


LOT’s  “Legion of Doom” ep was a mixed bag. Starting off with a change from form, the voice over narrative is given from Damien Darhk’s (Neal McDonough) perspective and with a title like “L.O.D.” why shouldn’t it? Mostly good stuff occurred, though there was a bit of sub plot ‘debris’, the show however persevered to deliver dazzling results. Now, on to my review.

The loss of the spear and amulet to the Legends causes rising tensions among the trio of Darkh, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Thawne/Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher). He treats them as flunkies and the two men, leaders in their own regard resent it. None of the trio are able to break Rip, now “Phil” (Arthur Darvill) as he is essentially a re-write of his former self. They torture and insult, though Merlyn attempts more persuasive means citing his former title as “the Magician” with the League of Assassins. The majority of the run features MM and DD infighting and challenging one another to the point where it gets physical. Darhk scores a minor victory over Rip via obtaining information about the artifact locations through torture. MM again attempts guile with a heist like plan of getting into a vault in Switzerland using Rip as their agent. The plan goes as expected and Thawne again asserts his superiority. That “Phil” suggests the two former league members work together to get what they want played well, with the subtle intimation that the Rip part of him is not completely removed.

The entire LOD plot line was superior to its denouement. Had the entire run featured this group solely, I would count this episode among one of the series’ best. Regrettably, this was not so as the episode got bogged down in a sub arc featuring Martin Stein’s daughter Lily (Chritina Brucato). Her presence as a means of cracking the amulet and deducing the goal of their enemies seemed forced. Her inclusion offered little except for an exercise in demonstrating that Martin Stein (Victor Garber) is a character whose use and presence have grown a bit tedious. So morally high minded, yet he lies to both his team mates and his ‘daughter’. Her outing by Rory (Dominic Purcell) as an “aberration” should have had far reaching and poignant resonance yet it does not. It is more of an afterthought with his quickly professing his love for her via his younger half’s, Jax’s (Franz Drameh), counsel and her ‘aww shucks Dad’ follow through.

The meat of the story is the Legends finally gleaning the speedster’s identity as Thawne. The mechanics of his true purpose along with what he is hiding, or running from, allowed for some holy eff moments in the second half of the episode to its conclusion. That both heroes and villains figure it out nearly in tandem occurred organically and just worked.  The pairing of MM & DD working together to undermine Thawne and force the truth from him was just superb. Their goal of asserting themselves as equals pushed both free from the subordinate depictions dogging both generally superior characters. Their keeping Thawne trapped in a vault in Switzerland with them as they await to see what he is actually running from was movie level quality. The pursuer was a cool shout out to the Flash series and presents a nemesis out of established DC lore. The CGI rendering was buttressed by the strength of  Letscher’s performance of Thawne suppressing the urge to run. The final potential fourth member of the LOD reveal was formidable.

Overall, LOD was a superior run whose key delivery far exceeded any shortcomings brought up by the sub arc. A great second half set up is now in play. LOT season II remains simply outstanding and well worth your time.



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