Arrow Season V-Ep. 10 “Who Are You?”: A Review

Posted: 01/28/2017 in Uncategorized


Ep. 10 was a maintenance of the course established since ep. 1 of this season. A character return was well handled without an involved mystery playing out for the remainder of the season. A sub arc involving John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Adrian Chase (Josh Seguerra) delivered. The ongoing Russia flashback arc remained strong with a sequence that opens the field completely for the show and possibly presenting yet another clue as to this season’s big bad’s, Prometheus’, identity. Now, I press on with my review.

We pick up where we left off with Oliver returning to his headquarters and meeting the deceased? Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). Many scenarios go through the viewer’s mind, most notably the idea that she isn’t really there…that this is just another manifestation of Oliver’s guilt particularly with his unwittingly killing Felicity’s (Emily Bett-Rickards)boyfriend Billy (Jason Ritter) via Prometheus’s machinations. The show runners opt for an ‘Occam’s Razor’ explanation instead; one which works and continues to unify all CW DC franchises.

Felicity is mvp in this run. The harder-hearted version of her is not unexpected and the scenes between she and Oliver (Stephen Amell) deliver as both are so deeply emotionally wounded. His attempt to ‘reach’ Laurel 2.0 is poorly received by Felicity who feels the matter is clear cut. This Laurel is damaged goods, a villain at her core. Her affiliation with Prometheus however brings a slight doubt as to the mega villain’s potential identity. His knowledge of Team Arrow’s encounters with the Legends and other facts he could not possibly know keeps his identity further out of reach as even with Evelyn Sharpe/Artemis (Madison McLaughlin) as his acolyte, the knowledge Prometheus has on Oliver is far too deep.

The notion of “who are you” posited in the title is an able focal point throughout the run including John’s incarceration arc. Oliver tells his team he will call a friend to help John with his legal troubles which extend to treason and murder. The friend is Adrian Chase who tells Oliver he will owe him “several” should he agree to help. The moments between he and John played well and Chase’s legal intelligence wins the day with a hail Mary play. Though the notion of what he could do physically if the corrupt general had managed their attempt to ‘transport’ John to a military prison would have been equally engaging. The notion that Chase is at heart a protector of innocents takes some root with this run.

The team growth expands to include Rene/Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) taking an interest in Curtis/Mr. Terrific’s (Echo Kellum) personal problems, including encouraging him to channel his strengths, namely his tech brilliance versus concentrating on his failings. Rene’s role as “Arrow Rising” continues as he allows Curtis to vent about the dissolution of his marriage and his ongoing efforts to matter.

The Russia arc continued solidly with Oliver now being interrogated by Ishmael Gregor (David Meunier) after being taken from Konstatin Kovar (Dolph Lundgren). Gregor charges Oliver with being obedient and being of use to the Bratva while Oliver calls him a sellout for partnering with Kovar, a government agent. The violence escalates until a surprise intercession which very much pushes forth the original notion of Prometheus’ identity – not to mention presenting a holy eff moment. The query of was this ‘intercession’ brought about by Flashpoint is an apt one.

The Laurel/Oliver/Prometheus battle brings the team together which was a positive step after Felicity initially sabotaged Green Arrow’s face to face with Laurel after her initial incursion at the Arrow HQ. Felicity’s answer to Oliver though tinged with bitterness had due resonance when he asks her “Since when do they take orders from you?” and she quickly replies, “I don’t know but I kind of like it…” Ultimately, however, this is an ensemble show and despite all that has occurred, the group will assuredly pull together. A GA  versus Prometheus fight again ends in a stalemate and the certainty that he will remain as primary nemesis until season’s end is duly established.

A lot went on in this run. All of it ably juggled and all of it drawing to a unified conclusion. This is a show where everything matters and everything pulls together. The Russia arc now seems poised to connect with the present and Arrow once more remains on point. “Who Are You?” confirms that this series is still simply outstanding and well worth your time.


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