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Channing Tatum Is Still Playing Gambit According To ‘X-Men’ Producer

Channing Tatum is a huge name in Hollywood. The actor is most known from his comedic turns in both Jump Street films, as well as his role in the two Magic Mike movies. Tatum has been confirmed to play the role of Mutant-charmer, Gambit, for over a year now. However, little is really known about the spin-off film. Gambit was rumoured to appear in X-Men: Apocalypse, but, of course, that never happened. Tatum is apparently producing the solo-film. The project has been a little… disastrous (?) to say the least. Fox removed the Gambit movie from their schedule on February 28, 2016. Since then, little has been discussed in regard to the movie’s status.

Today, X-Men producer, Lauren Shuler Donner revealed that Tatum is still attached to play the role of Gambit. Many believed the actor left the role in favour of a DC Comics movie, but the producer says otherwise. This is of course thanks to Jarett Wieselman who is currently at TCA 2017. You can check out the tweet below:

The producer also revealed her desire to see all the X-Men characters cross over; yeah, even Deadpool. This was in response to the rumours of a potential Wolverine/Deadpool project in the works. Honestly, I have no idea if Hugh Jackman will stay on board for “one more” movie; if this project comes to fruition, that is. Wieselman’s tweet is also embed below:

Many (myself included) believe Fox are building up, both Deadpool and Gambit as replacements for Wolverine. Hugh Jackman’s retirement in this year’s Logan will come with a price for the studio, but with Deadpool‘s incredible box office haul, and Gambit‘s potential, it makes a lot of sense for the studio. What do you guys think? Are you excited to see Channing Tatum portray the Cajun-beast? One of the many complaints I have heard from many in the comic book community is that Tatum “can’t act.”

To those people, I say this; go watch Foxcatcher.

Gambit has no release date.

Source: Twitter


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