American Gods Premiere Update

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SXSW to Host American Gods World Premiere

The lineup for SXSW’s annual film festival has been revealed and, among the high-profile names and indie narrative experiments, is confirmation that the Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” will premiere during the festival’s episodic media block. Dates and times for the screening have yet to be announced, but will become available as SXSW nears its March opening date.

The premiere episode is directed by David Slade, who directed “30 Days of Night,” as well as episodes of “Breaking Bad,” “Hannibal” and “Powers.” The series follows Shadow Moon, played by Ricky Whittle, and Mr. Wednesday, played by Ian McShane, as the two prepare for war between gods old and new.

Recently, “American Gods” has been making news for its casting, which includes the likes of “X-Files” and “Hannibal” alum Gillian Anderson and “Lost” star Jeremy Davies. While some might lament the almost-reality in which Nicholas Cage got to play Mr. Wednesday, McShane, best known for his role in the HBO series “Deadwood,” is another major addition to the cast.

While SXSW ticket holders will get to experience “American Gods” at the Austin, Texas media extravaganza first, Starz subscribers won’t have to wait very long. The premiere episode’s television debut is currently slated for April, 2017. The SXSW premiere will take place sometime during the festival’s run, between March 10-19.


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